Featured Artist… Karin Olah Knowlton!

KarinOlah AprilBlooms2 KO

April Blooms 2 by Karin Olah Knowlton

It amazes me that someone can use fabric so fluidly that it looks like paint from a distance. Yet up close you have the combination of interesting shapes, where you see through to other fabrics, each and every piece that Karin creates comes together so nicely! She’s such a nice person, you have to read more about her. I included a short blip below, check out her website for more… If you’re in the Charleston, SC area, check out Karin’s work, her show is through December 31, 2012 at the Corrigan Gallery (62 Queen Street)!

Karin also creates some spectacular contemporary pieces, one example below… I love the mixture of different mediums, it makes it so interesting!

KarinOlah UnwindingWind KO

Unwinding Wind by Karin Olah Knowlton

Here’s a blip about Karin from her website, read more  (including a FABULOUS video of her process) by clicking HERE

Using fabric, Karin Olah works in a manner that mimics the flow of paint from a brush. Intricately cut, placed, and pasted textiles are combined with gouache, acrylic, and graphite to create Collage Paintings that are deep in color and texture. 

From a small-town upbringing in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, her interest in Amish quilts and textile traditions led her to study Fiber Art at Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. For several years following art school, Karin managed a textile studio in New York City, developing colors and patterns for clients, including Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, and Peter Marino Interior Architects. .

Now applying her fabric know-how to the realm of painting, Karin exhibits her collage art in solo and group shows on the East Coast. Her work has been featured in American Contemporary Art, Art Business News, Charleston Style and Design, and Charleston Magazine, on the covers of Charleston Art Magazine, Black and White: Birmingham’s City Paper, and Carolina Arts, and as the image for the 2011 Piccolo Spoleto Concert Poster as well as Charleston Farmers Market 2006 and 2007 posters and street banners. Corporate Collections include pieces in the Carolina Contemporary Collection of MUSC Ashley River Towers, Citadel College, City of Charleston Office of Cultural Affairs, and Shoestring Publishing Company. 

Karin is a former board member of Redux Contemporary Art Center, Charleston Arts Coalition, and French Quarter Gallery Association. She recently moved with her husband, Craig Knowlton, from Charleston South Carolina, to Boulder Colorado. Karin enjoys dancing to Motown with her newborn daughter, Alison, and chasing prairie dogs with her chocolate Labradoodle, Joby.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

All Images: KarinOlah.com

A Christmas Surprise… an Eva Carter painting!

Christmas surprise... Eva Carter painting!

Several years ago on Christmas night my husband and I were riding around downtown Charleston, SC.  Then he covered my eyes and told me he was taking me to my Christmas gift… WHAT???!!! I was trying to pay attention (good luck, I don’t do so well when I can see, HA), but we kept making turns so I had NO idea where we were. He stopped the car. Still unable to see he helped me out of the car and walked me up to the window… I opened my eyes, took in the sight and said…  “ME Barbara, YOU Fred?????!!!!!” Not meaning to sound like Tarzan, I just couldn’t believe that the tag on the painting in the window that everyone can see was TO: Barbara FROM: Fred. Holy Cow! That was so special. Thanks to Eva and to Karin Olah, the gallery manager at the time, for making it so special!  Do I have a cool husband or what? What fun!