Featured Artist… Bill Davidson!

PleinAirPainting by BillDavidson BDFB

Plein air painting by Bill Davidson

WHOA, right?! LOOK at this painting by Bill Davidson. I mean REALLY look at it. The mountains are magnificent, the deep shadows and that oh-so wonderful sunlight hitting in just the right place, the rocks and shore in the foreground is gorgeous against the water. THE WATER. Looks so real I swear I just saw a fish jump! The lights, the darks, the warm and cool the very loose style with which the paint is applied is stunning. This image comes from Bill Davidson’s Facebook page. I look so forward to seeing what’s next! Each and every painting is gorgeous! And lucky you… he gives workshops! So if you’re interested be sure to check out his website or Facebook page!

Bill does show his work at a fabulous gallery here in Charleston, SC – M Gallery of Fine Art check out their website as well, or better yet, if you’re in the area be sure to stop in. That’s one gallery you don’t want to miss!

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Featured Artist… Thomas Reis!

“The Reader” by Thomas Reis

Image: M Gallery, Charleston, SC

“The Reader” by artist Thomas Reis is another fine painting… Fred and I were in M Gallery a few weeks ago (when I told you about the painting “Life” by Scott Christensen) and wanted to share with you another amazing piece of work. It’s a captivating painting and it definitely keeps your eye in the painting, amazing! Here’s the blip about the painting as shown on the M Gallery website:

My model posed wearing a traditional dress called a hanbok, which is still worn in South Korea– generally on special occasions. The painting process involved the appropriation and merging of disparate elements in order to create an overarching narrative and mood. I was struck by the glowing light in the studio and the model’s contemplative absorption in her text. I was also interested in depicting a still ubiquitous dress that is so deeply rooted in Korean cultural tradition. The painting’s composition is circular–that is, I’ve attempted to lead the viewer’s eye from the subject’s face and book down to the baskets, along the hem of the dress, up the arc of the bamboo and, finally, along the arching arrangement of frames, back to the model’s face. The leading lines of the sofa also intersect at her face.

I think the artists’ information is so interesting. What they were thinking when they were painting, the circumstances, what was happening, it’s just so interesting! I bought a book at the Farnsworth Museum in Rockland, Maine one year, ANDREW WYETH AUTOBIOGRAPHY by Andrew Wyeth and Thomas Hoving, (click HERE for more info on the book!), and it was a description of each painting. It was so interesting! I loved that book!

Here’s a blip about Thomas from an M Gallery newsletter…

Thomas Reis began work as senior art director for JP Morgan Chase in New York City, shortly after receiving his MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1993. Two years later, he was illustrating for nationally-known publications, including Time magazine, Rolling Stone, the Wall Street Journal, Entertainment Weekly, Sports Illustrated, Business Week, TV Guide, Barron’s, Forbes and Smart Money. Corporate clients have included MGM, Dupont and Colgate. Throughout his career, Reis has also worked as a fine artist, producing work with all the refinement that one would expect from a classically trained painter. His paintings are represented in numerous permanent and private collections throughout the United States. Tom currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

(Text provided courtesy the Museum of Arts and Sciences.)

If you’re in Charleston, SC pop in and check out this artist at M Gallery of Fine Art on Broad Street. Catch you back here tomorrow!

Featured Artist… Scott Christensen!

“Life” by Scott Christensen

Image: M Gallery of Fine Art, Charleston, SC

LIFE. What a great title for this painting! It’s an impressive 70 x 70 ( 80 x 80 with the gorgeous frame included) let me tell you, it makes a statement.  Scott Christensen is an amazing artist. That goes without saying. Fred and I popped in M Gallery in Charleston, SC last weekend and saw the latest arrival entitled “Life”. I’m not kidding you when I say we walked into the room and stopped in our tracks. This painting is a stunner. If there is a chance that you can find your way downtown Charleston, SC you must stop in and check it out… there are so many great artists in one gallery it will blow your mind, including (but not limited to)… Frank Gardner, Tom Balderas, Robert Spooner, Gene Costanza, and the list goes on…

There is great video of this painting you must check it out! This was on the M Gallery blog… click HERE

Here’s a blip about Scott from an article in Artist Daily website. Click on the bolded Q+A link to read in it’s entirety!

Idaho artist Scott Christensen is one of the most well-respected landscape painters in the country, and his understanding of light, ability to achieve pure color, and reverence for nature also make him a highly sought-after instructor. In this Q+A section, we list Christensen’s responses to 10 questions on landscape painting to give readers a glimpse into the artist’s mind, process, and teaching style.

Then… what I’m always interested in… (from the same link in Artist Daily):

AA: Who are some of your heroes in the landscape-painting genre, both past and present?

SC: Past: Isaac Levitan, Emil Carlsen, Alphonse Mucha, Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida, Nicolai Fechin, Anders Zorn, Arthur Mathews, Edward Steichen, and Ilya Repin. Present: Clyde Aspevig, Carolyn Anderson, Tim Lawson, Susan Lyon, Scott Burdick, Dan Gerhartz, and Sherrie McGraw.

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Featured artist… Stuart Roper!

“The Problem Solvers” by Stuart Roper

Stuart Roper, a wonderful artist from Asheville, NC… I love it when an artist can take a mundane scene and make it spectacular! Something like workers on the side of the road… this is fabulous, what does it for me is the ORANGE. I think a painting that has orange really catches the eye… it draws me to it… same with red, it’s probably WHY I like a painting with a flag in it, it’s that pop of red against other colors that are so spectacular! A friend recently explained how someone had told her about putting at least a hint of red or orange to make a painting really stand out, I think that’s so true! Of course in this painting it’s more than a pop of color, but you get my drift… great loose strokes… Check out Stuart’s website for gallery representation… here in Charleston, SC it appears that he has a few pieces at M GALLERY OF FINE ART!

Here’s a blip about Stuart from his website:

Born in North Carolina in 1953, painter and sculptor Stuart Roper moved to Manhattan in the mid-1970s to attend the Art Students League of New York. There, he studied anatomy and figure drawing with Thomas Fogarty and portraiture with John Howard Sanden. Following New York, Stuart made a brief move to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he studied color theory under the direction of Gerry Wright. In 1980, he moved to St. Simons Island, Georgia for a year, prior to settling in the state’s capital, Atlanta. Over the next ten years, his work included various commissions, both private and corporate, as well as a number of solo and group exhibitions. In the fall of 1991, Stuart moved to France, west of Paris in the small Normandy village of Pressagny l’Orgueilleux. There, he settled in the guest cottage of the Château de la Madeleine. Only minutes away from the home of Claude Monet in Giverny, the place and its artistic precedent guided Stuart’s own paint handling; through plein-air work, he found the approach of the Impressionists, which has since characterized most of his painting. Normandy offered Stuart myriad tones of gray amidst the often-foggy landscapes, however, the frequent inclement weather made plein-air work difficult. In 1993 Stuart moved to the small hilltop village of Fayence in southern France where he would remain for the next five years working under “a glorious sun.” During this time, his work took him to Italy, Corsica and back to Normandy, all the while enchanted by the light, and concentrating on the development of his limited three-color palette. In 1998, Stuart made the decision to return to the United States, where he settled in Asheville, North Carolina. The Grove Arcade Public Market commissioned Stuart to recreate the original 1920s finials that adorn the top of the building, and the City Parks and Recreation Department also commissioned him on the development of “Grove’s Vision”, a station on the city’s historical Urban Trail. He may be spotted almost anywhere, as he continues his love of capturing the landscape and developing his artistic vocabulary. 

Ran across this on his website… if you’re thinking of coming to Charleston May 30- June 1, 2012 this would be a fabulous time for a visit!

Returns to Charleston for a Four Gallery Show 

Opening Reception: June 1st 2012 6-8pm 
Show Closing Date: June 22nd 2012 

Show Locations:

Galerie on Broad 29 Broad Street, Charleston, SC 29401 

Hagan Fine Art Gallery and Studio 27 1/2 State Street, Charleston SC, 29401 

Horton Hayes Fine Art 30 State Street, Charleston, SC, 29401 

Smith Killian Fine Art 9 Queen Street, Charleston, SC, 29401 

Participating Artists: 

Scott Boyle 
Loryn Brazier 
Anne Blair Brown 
Roger Dale Brown, OPA 
Katie Dobson Cundiff 
Dee Beard Dean 
Beverly Ford Evans (New Member) 
Trey Finney 
Paula Frizbe 
Karen Hewitt Hagan 
L. Diane Johnson 
Andre Lucero (New Member) 
Diane May 
Kevin Menck 
Larry Moore 
Gwen Nagel 
Richard Christian Nelson 
Richard Oversmith 
Lori Putnam 
James Richards 
Stuart Roper 
Junko Ono Rothwell 
Shannon Smith 
Hodges Soileau

Sue Stewart

Brett Weaver

Dawn E. Whitelaw 

Attending artists will paint on location in the vicinity of the gallerys (Queen Street, State Street, and Broad Street) starting Wednesday, May 30, 2012 through Friday, June 1, 2012. 

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Artist to watch… FRANK GARDNER

"Ben" by artist Frank Gardner


Frank Gardner… many of you have heard his name.

 Great artist, and a nice guy.

You may be familiar with the story where we met Colin Page, an artist in a cottage down the street from the one we were renting in Port Clyde, Maine. Colin invited us to their cottage on the last day to see all the paintings and WOW! I’ll save that story for another post, let me just say… what a group of amazing talent. (Frank was part of the Paintapalooza group of artists, like I said… future post)!

I have spent a great deal of time trying to find the ONE painting to post… all I can say is I can’t pick just one… this painting “Ben” is exquisite, and there are many more so you need to go check out Frank’s website. He’s in several galleries (website has links) and even a local gallery here in Charleston, SC the M Gallery of Fine Art.

Take a peak and see which your favorite is…

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