[featured show] Robert Abele – One Man Show, Addison Art Gallery!

"Corn Hill" by Robert Abele
“Corn Hill” by Robert Abele

Robert Abele is having a one man show at Addison Art Gallery in Orleans, MA tonight! If you’re in the area… don’t miss it!

TONIGHT, August 31, 2013 from 5:30 – Click HERE for a preview of the shows paintings!

From Addison Art Gallery website / Facebook:

Robert Abele was born in Bronxville, NY in 1969. He has spent his life making images of the New England landscape. Connecticut, New York and Cape Cod are a few of the places close to Robert’s heart. His paintings are done from life, plein air, in the tradition of Corot and Monet. Responding to the changing effects of light and atmosphere, he captures quick nuances and shifts in line and color. Robert studied art in New York at the School of Visual Arts, graduating in 1993 with a B.F.A. in fine art. Marilyn Minter, Juan Gonzalez and James McMullan were a few of the professors that affected Robert’s early development as an artist. Robert’s work has appeared in the New York Times and The Washington Post. Often regarded as a painter’s painter, many of his works have won national awards.Robert is inspired to paint what he calls a vanishing history of America’s past. This ongoing passion to preserve the gentle New England coast is his muse, and his dialog with this subject matter continues to challenge him.

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Image via AddisonArt.com

Artist to watch… Walt Pasko!

Winter Path by Walt Pasko
Winter Path by Walt Pasko / Image: PaskoFineArt.com

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! WordPress offers falling snow on their blogs until January… So enjoy the little blizzard, I know I will…!

I. LOVE. THIS. PAINTING! This is done by artist Walter Pasko and it is fabulous! Winter scenes are a favorite. I love the colors in the snow. From this painting you can feel how cold it is when you look at the deep greens. You can also feel the warm sun on your back when you look at the light in the snow.

My husband and I met Walter years ago on Monhegan. For several years we happened to be on the island at the same time, along with another artist friend of ours, Tim Bell. It was fascinating to listen to Tim and Walter talk about the more technical side of painting, it was all I could do to try to take it all in.

This is a magnificent painting done by an artist that is not only very talented, but a very, very nice and brilliant man. Here is a blip about Walt from his WEBSITE:

Walter J. Pasko has devoted his creative energy, for the past forty years, to the painting of landscapes directly from nature.  His broad oil painting style has evolved from a need to capture the fleeting play of light and shadow patterns on the landscape, essential to the design of his paintings.He has been living for most of his adult life in the Berkshire Hills of northwestern Massachusetts where he regularly scouts the back country looking for saw mills, sugar houses, streams, and small villages as subject matter for his paintings.Primarily self-taught, he studied and painted with the late Maurice Kennedy, friend and former student of Lester Stevens (N.A.).  He has a Ph.D. of M.E. degree from the University of Massachusetts.

Artist to watch… Gary Akers!

Gary Akers - "The List"

I think this is the sweetest little painting. I love the pop of red against the white, the shadows, the light…  This makes for one happy painting. “THE LIST” is a watercolor on paper that measures 8 1/4″ x  5 1/2″. You will find it at the Haynes Galleries in Thomaston, ME (Note: they have another location in Franklin, TN). Click HERE to check out their website. THE LIST is a name that makes me think up all kinds of possible stories behind this painting… for me it would go something like this…  I spend time to write out a list of things to pick up from the store… I’m in a hurry, grab my keys, jump in the car, once inside the store I reach into my purse to pull out THE LIST only to remember I left it sitting on the table next to the geranium while I locked the front door. Nice… Luckily trying to constantly remember what was on my list is keeping my memory sharp, ha ha…

Here’s a blip about the artist from the Haynes Galleries:

Accomplished in both watercolor and egg tempera painting, Gary Akers has received national recognition for his abilities in both mediums. He has exhibited widely in numerous institutions, including the Speed Art Museum in Kentucky, the Frye Museum of Art in Seattle, the Ogunquit Art Museum in Maine, the Asheville, N.C. Art Museum, the National Academy of Design in New York City, the Artists of America show at the Colorado History Museum, and the Great American Artists exhibition at the Cincinnati Museum Center.

Akers was born in Pikesville, Ky., and was educated at Morehead State University, graduating with a master’s degree in 1974. Since the 1970s, his paintings have been featured in numerous books and periodicals, including the two monographs about his art, Kentucky: Land of Beauty (1999) and Memories of Maine (2003). He is listed in Who’s Who in American Art, Who’s Who in Emerging Leaders in America, and American Artists of Renown. He currently paints and resides alternately in Kentucky and Maine.

If you’re in the area of Orleans, MA check out his work, otherwise check out their website! Great paintings!

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Artist to watch… Jack Goldsmith!

There is a fabulous artist that I found on North Water Gallery’s website. I haven’t been to that gallery… yet. North Water Gallery is located in Edgartown, MA. I love this artist’s style, a bit like Charles Sovek, and I thought the world of that man! (Let me just note that I wrote that BEFORE I read the “blip about the artist” whoa!). This is artist JACK GOLDSMITH. I love how he says he refuses to labor over a painting! I wholeheartedly agree. The best paintings (to me) are the ones that happen quick and loosely. That is exactly what I love about his paintings! I found a blip about him in Cape Code Life:

Jack Goldsmith boils his words down to their essence. He credits his polished verbal skills to his 40 years of art direction and design in Manhattan. What he doesn’t take credit for is how he gets to the heart of the matter of ethereal subjects in spot-on fashion, whether he is expressing them in words or acrylics.

“Once I come upon an image I want to paint, I like to attack it and do it quickly,” Goldsmith says. “I refuse to labor over a painting.”

Goldsmith’s canvases are vibrant glimpses of life in all its nuances of light, color, and feel. Perhaps owing to his early career in art direction, the Osterville resident speaks frequently of “staging” his art. The Kite Flyers features one of his favorite subjects, Cape Cod’s ocean edge. “I like to paint children on the beach,” he says. “I also like to paint the beach with nobody around. It all becomes kind of a stage.” All of his pieces, including his still lifes, are arranged almost like choreography, to render a very natural experience.

Goldsmith was trained in the 1940s at the Syracuse University School of Fine Arts and the Rochester Institute of Technology School of Art and Design, before starting his career in art direction and teaching at Parsons School of Design in Manhattan. As Goldsmith succinctly says, “My life has always been holding a pencil or a brush.”

Finally, he came home to a life of fine art when he and his wife moved to Osterville in 1993, drawn by good friends and the Cape’s renowned light. Among his influences are the 19th-century Spanish painter Joaquin Sorolla and the late Cape Cod artist Charles Sovek, as well as members of the French Impressionist School.

Although his paintings are filled with highlights, shadows, and other subtleties, for Goldsmith it all goes back to first blocking the painting with brush on canvas. “It’s the most crucial part of the painting for me,” he says. “If you don’t design it well, you’ll struggle.”

I am a fan. What else can I say! Check them out by website or a visit! Catch you back here tomorrow!

Artist to watch… Cleber Stecei!

Cleber Stecei - Nice Day

Can you imagine having this much talent at such a young age?  I’m sure some of you can, but whoa… this guy is good. So many fabulous peaceful works. Check him out, he’s at Addison Art Gallery in Orleans, MA. Here’s a blip from their website.

Born in Brazil in 1976, Cleber Stecei began experimenting with abstract painting as a teenager. After arriving in the United States at the age of 19, he became inspired by the beautiful New England scenery and has since excelled in landscape painting.

Stecei’s work is done both from photographic references and on location (en plein air), allowing him to respond to the effects of natural light and atmosphere.

Stecei is a member of the Cape Cod Art Association and his work has been awarded numerous times, including a Best in Show. Since showing at the Addison Art Gallery, his work has enthralled collectors as well as judges and has been featured in respected regional and national art publications.

A Master in the Making…represented by one of the Cape’s most prestigious galleries, Addison Art in Orleans. Cleber Stecei paints weekly with the highly regarded Cape artist Paul Schulenburg, and is encouraged by other stellar colleagues, including Rick Fleury and Joan Brancale.

Stecei’s reputation as a landscape artist has been rising like a mellow tide that is still building. His work has been noted in several national art publications and his paintings are in collections country-wide. Stecei’s talent, age, and new presence in the market have thrust him to the heady upper echelons of the art scene—all in less than 18 months.
—Mary Grauerholz, Cape Cod Life, July 2011

 Check out his other work! I look forward to seeing his work in person one day!

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