Look at this incredible light on the horizon! It looks like a painting by…


Gorgeous, right? I saw this and flipped… CAMERA! WHERE. IS. MY. CAMERA?!!! This is the sun setting from behind the house which throws the most gorgeous warm light on the island across the river. STUNNING golden light that makes everything look absolutely spectacular! Look at the brilliance of those trees in the foreground! As soon as I saw this I thought… MARC HANSON! A fabulously talented artist from Colorado. His paintings mesmerize me. I cannot believe how he can turn out one after another and each is as awesome as the next. These trees are MARC HANSON TREE’S! I swear they are! Check out his work if you get a chance, I have no doubt you’ll agree with me! Nice guy, and he has so much talent!

Here’s an example of one of his paintings, this one graced the cover of Southwest Art magazine, see what I mean with the trees?

MarcHanson RightOrLeft MH

“Right or Left?” by Marc Hanson

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Hot restaurant tip…

We’re back after a week in Michigan. It was so nice. Most days were coolish, a welcomed relief! It seems like we were always on the go, which means we ate out several times, and if whitefish was on the menu, I ordered it. It’s such a clean fresh tasting fish (well, most of the time). The above photo was my dinner from the Marine City Fish Company. GREAT food, wonderful atmosphere, if you haven’t been and you’re in the area I highly recommend it. This was the CEDAR PLANKED WHITEFISHFresh fillet of Lake Superior whitefish baked and served on a seasoned cedar plank. And it was… to die for good! You got your choice of potato, but the house made chips have this out of this world crunch, so since the fish was baked I indulged… also had a nice fresh salad and some wonderful veggies. Tasty! I love the tartar sauce here, it’s thinner, not so thick, so you get all of the flavor without using much of it at all! They have a great WEBSITE, the menu is on there as well, check it out!

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Port Huron to Mackinac Sailboat Race… starts TODAY! 87th year!

Image: Michigan.org

I remember as a kid, my dad sailing the Port Huron to Mackinac race each year. He sailed that race 19 TIMES! He said, the best they ever did was third. Do you realize how good third is?? I remember the stories… it’s cold out there, despite it being summer, you stay wet, you don’t sleep, it’s a rough race.  What I didn’t know is that this race is recognized as one of the most challenging freshwater boat races in the WORLD! (Whoa…! GO DAD!!) We would drive up toPort Huron, MI to see him off, then all the ladies and the kids would drive to Mackinac Island to stay until the race ended. Then we would all drive home (well, unless you owned the boat or were sailing it back).  Whoa… what a good time. First of all Mackinac Island is a mighty special place, void of cars it sets you back in time. The beauty of the island can’t be beat and the smell of fudge and horse poop is heaven on a warm summer day. Seriously. I wasn’t being sarcastic; it’s a good combination, ha ha… when the boats would start trickling in the island would swell with so many sailors you absolutely wouldn’t believe it! As a kid it was the best time of my life! All us kids hung out together and just had the BEST. TIME. EVER. So if you are curious what it’s all about I encourage you to either go to Port Huron and check out the night before (wild time) and the morning they sail away… or head to the island…

I pray for none of the storms that plagued the Chicago to Mackinac Race (more on that tomorrow), that ended so terribly. Heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to the families that lost two of the crew… ugh. 

A blip from www.bycmack.com:

In the nine decades that the Bayview Mackinac Race has been sailed, much has happened.  Wars, economic depressions, and other significant events have transpired, yet the Race has gone on.  In fact, President Franklin D. Roosevelt wired a message to Bayview during World War II when word reached the White House that the Club was considering canceling the race.  That message read:  “Sail your race.”  Even then, it was clear that this race was and is important for sailors and for the State ofMichigan.  Bayview did sail the Mackinac Race that year, and has done so every single year since the first Bayview Mackinac Race in 1925, making it the longest consecutively run freshwater race in the world.  This year’s race starts on July 23, 2011.

I heard that 1 millions spectators followed the race online in 2009, that number increased to 4 million in 2010, I wonder what it’ll be this year?? If you’d like to track the race live online check it out HERE.

Be safe y’all!

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Artist to watch… Marlee Brown!

Image: MarleeBrown.com

One year when vacationing on Mackinac Island, MI (ohhh, what a place!), we ventured into the Grand Hotel… I was completely against paying $10 per person to walk through a hotel, but we did it, and am I ever glad we did! I’m not sure what the fee is these days to enter through the door, but if you’re considering it, I would do it! We had lunch at a nice little cafe, it was very quaint, very good, we had the best time. We wandered the halls of the Grand Hotel and there was so much to see! They have wonderful shops and a fantastic gallery. Marlee Brown’s gallery… this is an artist not afraid of color! Very loose and impressionistic in style her paintings were fabulous. The image above is from her website, the image that you click on to view the paintings. I love that painting AND the quote. If you get a chance check it out! And if you’re on the island, her gallery is a definite stop worth making!

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