St. Johns Marsh (Michigan) Through The Car Window…

St. Johns Marsh – Michigan

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May in Michigan – Hang in there!

May in Michigan – Spring is Coming Soon!

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Twinkle – Twinkle!

Michigan Snow – a throwback photo – Thanks Dad for the photo!

My dad sent me this photo that he took years ago (2013), I love it – so pretty with the lights in the tree. Fresh snow and that fabulous blue sky.

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Talk about peaceful!

Joe Fidler |

Photo Credit: Joe Fidler (Thanks Dad!!)

Peaceful, huh? The fog rolled in, and suddenly the beautiful view on the St. Clair River (in Michigan) was g-o-n-e ! But not for long. Fog is like that, which is amazing to watch. We really noticed it when we were in Maine the first time. Sitting by the harbor having dinner outside with another island in full view, suddenly *POOF* the island was gone, then the water was gone and all you saw was fog. Sudden.

I love weather, so I’m always happy when there is something different (anything!)… weather that stays the same gets boring 😉

Good photo dad (I cannot take credit for this one)!

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You may have noticed I have been posting photos this week – back to normal posting next week! b.

Are these wicked good people or what?

Collecting… even in wicked conditions...
Collecting… even in wicked conditions…

This post was originally entitled “Happy Christmas Eve Eve”, but then I switched things around… well, most things… forgot to update the title, so for those of you who receive this post by email, and then look at it online… you aren’t going crazy! 😉

This was our drive to the airport a few weeks ago… let me tell ya… snow, snow, snow… cars off the road, a few spun around, and these brave souls… collecting money for a local charity. This was a cold, windy day, but they are dressed for it!

Hard core collecting!
Hard core collecting!

This is some hard core collecting no doubt! These photos serve as a great reminder to give what you can to someone in need. Whether its merely a visit, a small gift, or a meal… you can brighten someone’s day who is alone this Christmas season. This can be a sad time for many, so keep your eye out and do what you can do to help out. You will be richer because of it!

Hope you had a nice Christmas!


O N E   Y E A R   A G O…        Featured Artist… James Richards!

T W O   Y E A R S   A G O…   Artist to watch… Ulrich Gleiter!

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I love this photo!!

Me and my sister, Bridget...
Me and my sister, Bridget…

Sweet, huh? I love this photo… I remember this day vividly, because I dressed nice. I had a cute skirt and matching shirt, but then had to put those big leggings on (that’s what they were called way back when). Oh the stress of being young, ha ha… wouldn’t it be nice to only worry about little things that don’t matter? Most of us probably still do… I need to get better about not worrying about the little stuff… join me in my crusade, ha ha…


O N E   Y E A R   A G O…        A night so beautiful…

T W O   Y E A R S   A G O…   How to make the perfect soft boiled egg!

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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Porch in Michigan...
Porch in Michigan…

This photo was taken several years ago… at Christmas time… the grass was beautifully blanketed with snow just in time for the arrival of my in laws. I was thrilled that they would see the beauty that I spoke of. They did great driving around in it. We had a wonderful time. It seems like during the winter you cook… and eat… and cook… and eat… Whew! My parents live on a big river, and across the river is Canada. Big hunks of ice float by, sometimes getting jammed. The river is entertainment all year around!

By the time you read this I am headed back from this magical place. Back to the sunny south. That same sun that I curse in the summer I adore in the winter months. When you live in Charleston, you really shouldn’t complain about the winter, ha ha… I’ll be back to my normal posts next week!

Update… today, 12.14.13 – funny that I chose this photo for today… over a week ago I wrote this post. Today, as I get ready to pack up and head to the airport it will be the snowiest day of the year 4-6″ expected by tonight! Windy and snow… absolutely beautiful, but…

Catch you back here tomorrow! I’ll be back to my normal posts next week!


O N E   Y E A R   A G O…        Featured Artist… Aaron Westerberg!

T W O   Y E A R S   A G O…   Artist to watch… Dan Corey!