Talk about peaceful!

Joe Fidler |

Photo Credit: Joe Fidler (Thanks Dad!!)

Peaceful, huh? The fog rolled in, and suddenly the beautiful view on the St. Clair River (in Michigan) was g-o-n-e ! But not for long. Fog is like that, which is amazing to watch. We really noticed it when we were in Maine the first time. Sitting by the harbor having dinner outside with another island in full view, suddenly *POOF* the island was gone, then the water was gone and all you saw was fog. Sudden.

I love weather, so I’m always happy when there is something different (anything!)… weather that stays the same gets boring 😉

Good photo dad (I cannot take credit for this one)!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

You may have noticed I have been posting photos this week – back to normal posting next week! b.

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