Rain… sleet… SNOW?

Image via http://www.pacificcoast.com

I grew up in Michigan. I know about cold, or at least I USED TO KNOW about cold… I’ve been in South Carolina for the past 22 years so I know less about the cold than I used to! I remember vivid details of one ice storm when I was young. I remember it being SO EXCITING! How nice to be that age with no worries, everything is an adventure! I remember how we didn’t have power, but we had a fireplace and had that puppy going strong!  I remember tree limbs breaking and big hunks of ice jamming the river. I remember neighbors coming over to use our stove/oven because ours was gas and theirs was electric. It was SO. MUCH. FUN. I remember moving the furniture in the living room which is fairly large against the walls and bunches of us spread out our sleeping bags to be in the room with the fire. We had a radio that was tuned to a station that told scary stories, ohmygosh, I will never forget that! Fast forward to today… As I type this sleet is hitting the window and Charlie (Jack Russell) is barking at it, he’s not sure what this stuff is! Why does it make noise? Ha ha… When cold weather and rain strikes we usually go to the store to gather supplies, ha ha… Get food to cook/bake as well as treats, because anytime bad weather strikes, you must have a ‘Storm Party’ (per our nephew, Maxwell).  So we usually get a fire going in the fireplace (ha, I say ‘we’, but it’s Fred that does all that, and an awesome job of it I have to say… wish he was home now!), pour a glass of wine, read, talk, and if I get my way we’ll play cards, play with Charlie and generally just have a big time. We love a good storm party, how about you?

When it’s time to hit the hay we crawl into our bed that has a Pacific Coast down (www.pacificcoast.com) comforter (lightweight). You wouldn’t believe how warm it gets QUICKLY! A wise investment indeed (we bought ours on sale at Macy’s last year, also available at Amazon, etc. etc.). We turn our heat almost all the way down at night, it rarely comes on. We both like sleeping with it pretty chilly (high 50’s/low 60’s), ahhhh, I’m already looking forward to crawling back into that bed tonight! Until tomorrow…

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