Artist to watch… Otto Lange!

"Milkman" - Image:

OK, who here remembers the milkman? You know, the man who delivered milk and other dairy products to your house each week. Well now the secret is out, I’m old enough to remember and I kind of miss the concept of the milkman! How nice would it be to answer your door and have your dairy products right there? Or reach inside the milk box that was outside the door in case you weren’t home? Well, I think the milkman era has long been gone, but here is a painting done by a very cool artist entitled “MILKMAN”. I just happened upon this artists website and it’s just so different. Very realistic images. The artist’s name is Otto Lange and he lives in Athens, GA. He has work in several galleries…

He’s been in several publications, has a great BLOG and WEBSITE… So if you get a chance, check him out!

Oh… this has me now thinking about the bread man… He. Had. Pastries. I guess I’m glad there is no longer a bread man… I think I’d be in trouble!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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