Artist to watch… David Scriven Crowley!

"Talbot" by artist David Scriven Crowley

David Scriven Crowley is today’s Artist to Watch! My husband and I first ran across him on a trip to Rockland, Maine… we ran across his intriguing gallery on Main Street and fell in love with his Jack Russell, (I  believe her name was Daphne), what a character! David is a very talented artist full of amazing stories, if you get a chance and are in the area, stop by and say Hello! Or… stop by his website to check out his work…

Here’s a blip from the artists website

My work is about emotion, the profound sense of a mandate so demanding and so compulsive that the need to make something MUST be satisfied. Even if the lack of time, the lack of funds, and the market do not support the idea, the emotional desperation for a project to be realized is so compelling as to force itself into fruition. These concepts manifest in many forms, usually complete (in my head), before they are begun. The process is, however every bit a part of the creation and through the development of the work, small changes of direction may occur. Usually, these deviations are subtle, but may at times alter the direction of the original idea. The ideas are spiritual, political, social, environmental, humorous, or may simply be about beauty.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Artist to watch… David Scriven Crowley!

    1. I absolutely love the painting of Talbot the Jack Russell (perhaps I’m partial, ha ha), he really captured their personality spot on! Eva is one fabulous contemporary artist… Absolutely amazing both of them! Good to hear from you Ann! Merry Christmas!


    1. David, your work is stunning and we look so forward to seeing it each time we come to town! Wonderful paintings, gorgeous gallery and you’re a nice guy on top of it! See you this year!


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