Featured Artist… Jerome Greene!

Painting by Jerome Greene – Image: Jereome Greene Facebook page

One year, while renting a neat cottage in Port Clyde, Maine, we ran into Colin Page, a fabulous artist with such a great style… he was part of a group of artists from all over the country who got together and painted PAINTAPALOOZA. I don’t mean they painted on occasion, these guys painted their tails off! Colin invited us all to their cottage on the last day before they left. There. Were. Paintings. EVERYWHERE. Such a fabulous group of accomplished artists all in one big cottage all doing their own thing and doing it so well! One of the guys we met was Jerome Greene. What a nice guy. Great paintings. Saw this one on Jerome’s Facebook page… love the loose airy strokes! Go check him out!

Here’s a blip about Jerome from Addison Art Gallery:

Jerome Greene has been involved in the arts since childhood. His father was a commercial artist and professor of art at Central Connecticut State University. Jerome’s older brother was an artist and sculptor. Regular family outings involved museum trips and participation in art and American craft shows.

Jerome left a career in the trades to pursue his life-long ambition to be a fine artist. He has developed a unique style of painting by immersing himself in the arts, visiting museums and galleries and working with established, award-winning artists. His range of work includes figure study, studio landscape painting, still life and, his current focus, painting en Plein Aire— capturing the immediacy of the day.

Since 2001, Jerome has been active in the vibrant Cape Cod art scene. He has shown in multiple galleries, has owned a gallery for three years, and has generously donated some of his intriguing oils to auctions in support of various charities.

In 2008, his work was featured at the Cape Cod Museum of Art’s “Painting New England Together” show.

Jerome and his work have been featured in :

  • Cape Arts Review
  • Cape Cod Magazine
  • Prime Time Magazine
  • The Cape Cod View Magazine

Jerome’s work can be found in corporate and private collections; his extensive base of collectors spans the country. A resident of Eastham, Jerome maintains a Provincetown studio.

Bob Spohn, Docent at the Cape Cod Museum of Art:

 “Jerome grew up in New Britain, Connecticut, where his father was a professor of art at Central Connecticut State University. New Britain is also the home of the New Britain Museum of American Art, where Jerome was impressed by the work of Thomas Hart Benton.

An avid baseball fan, Jerome’s secret ambition is to do “plein stadium” painting at Fenway Park. It’s fitting that one of his favorite artists is Aldro Hibbard, who gave up a promising baseball career to become an artist.

Jerome, an engaging painter with studios in Eastham and Provincetown, has the uncanny ability to capture the moment, and the skill and eye for integrating frame and painting. Like many plein air painters, he thrives on the camaraderie and energy generated by group painting expeditions.”

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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