Featured Artist… Dan Schultz!

“Looking Below” by Dan Schultz – Image: Gallery 1261

The light in this painting is absolutely incredible. The way the sun touches the snow… lovely. The sunlight on the top of this woman’s hair and on her hood STOPPED ME IN MY TRACKS. The wonderful light coupled with the shadows on the snow makes for one beautiful painting! The artist is Dan Schultz. “Looking Below” is part of the Oil Painters of America Western Regional Exhibition at Gallery 1261 in Denver, CO (say that three times fast!). That is going to be one fabulous show… if you’re in the Denver, CO area I would be hightailing it over there if I were you! If, like me, you are no where near Colorado, check out Dan’s website (as well as the gallery)… you won’t be disappointed!

Read more about Dan, here’s a blip from his website (which is wonderful by the way, this is just a small amount of information meant to tease you into checking it out for yourself). Lots of info, workshops, publications and on and on!


Dan Schultz (b. 1975) has been selling his artwork through commercial galleries across the United States for more than ten years, but made the enterprising decision in 2011 to move his family from Colorado Springs, Colorado, and to open his own gallery in Ojai, California. He was eager for the ability to present his work in a more unified way and to personally interact with his clients. The change also gave him the chance to paint the beautiful California landscape and to enjoy the close-knit community of Ojai with his wife and young son.

Schultz’s work is built on the tradition of classical representational art. In order to enhance the connection that occurs between artist, subject and viewer, he often chooses a color scheme that is simple and harmonious—always catching a strong sense of light. His ultimate goal is for his work to convey his belief that God uses the beauty of his creation to communicate with us.

Schultz’s fine art career has been a somewhat unusual journey. Growing up in a small town in eastern New Mexico during the 1970s and ’80s provided little exposure to the world of art, galleries or museums. He had no family members who worked in the arts although his father’s aptitude as an accomplished guitarist and amateur woodcarver was certainly an influence. High school, after a family move to Colorado in 1988, brought the first real art instruction to Schultz and the opportunity to compete in a state-wide art competition. One of his drawings received the first place award his senior year and went on to bring him the same award at the national level. As a result, he decided to study commercial art at Pensacola Christian College in Florida which gave him a strong foundation in the fundamentals of representational art through the program’s focus on illustration and graphic design. After graduating with honors, Schultz took a graphic design job back in Colorado and painted portrait commissions in his spare time.

Two years later, Schultz discovered Cottonwood Artists’ School in Colorado Springs and was soon invited to join the teaching faculty as their youngest instructor. The other instructors at Cottonwood were the first to inspire Schultz to pursue fine art and encouraged him to exhibit his work in shows and galleries while continuing his graphic design. Schultz married in 2004 and the next year was able to begin pursuing fine art full time.

Schultz has received recognition for his exceptional paintings of figures in the landscape, plein air landscape and portraiture. Southwest Art magazine featured Schultz’s work in its September, 2004, “21 Under 31” article. He received the First Place award in the 10th Annual American Impressionist Society National Show and has received top awards from the Art Renewal Center, the Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters, the Portrait Society of America and Fine Art Connoisseur magazine. He is a signature member of the American Impressionist Society and an artist member of the California Art Club.

With the help and support of his wife Sarah and son Ian, Schultz’s journey continues as he searches for the special connection that art can provide between the Creator of the universe, the beauty of our world and the living soul.

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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