The beauty of the greenway… Charleston!

I  would like to congratulate the City of Charleston on a job well done! The job hasn’t been completed yet, but the results are amazing. The greenway used to be a great path if you had the type of bike that could handle the ruts and rocks. However, if you have a beach cruiser, it’s not a good time… I tried once… got about 5 miles out and back… parts fell off my bike and my guts were shaken. BUT… it was one beautiful ride! Especially towards the end, absolutely amazing! We’re so fortunate to have it so close! A quick two block walk and we’re there! This section has been paved, the barrier remains until they’ve completed it. So pretty at sunset with the big old oak trees.

I love seeing so many people with grocery bags, or bags from other stores. Which means they’re utilizing the Greenway by walking/biking to the store instead of hopping in a car… great for you, great for the world. If you haven’t checked it out yet, it’s mighty nice. You can park at South Windermere Shopping Center, go for a walk, and when you come back, you can grab a hot drink, some delicious food at one of the many places, pop in the antique store, the dog store, the library, Half Moon Outfitters, etc. etc…

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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