Featured Artist… Andy Evansen!

AndyEvansen VillageDoorway ae

Village Doorway by Andy Evansen – Image: AndyEvansen.com

I love the warm colors in this watercolor. You can actually feel the sunlight… oooh, that fabulous pop of yellow and those perfectly defined shadows make this one nice painting! I encourage you to look through Andy’s paintings, they are nothing short of fabulous!

Read a blip about Andy from his website:

Andy began painting watercolors in the mid 1990’s, is largely self-taught, and has studied with such well-known watercolorists as Skip Lawrence, Eric Weigardt, and Alvaro Castagnet. He served as President of the Minnesota Watercolor Society from 2004-2006 and teaches workshops around the United States.

His paintings have appeared on the cover of American Artist’s Watercolor magazine and in International Artist, Watercolor Artist, Plein Air and American Art Collectormagazines.  His award-winning paintings are in collections on 4 continents.  He was awarded the Bronze Medal of Honor at the 2012 AmericanWatercolor Society Exhibition and was jut elected a signature member of the prestigious Plein-Air Painters of America.

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House Plan Thursday: Moser Design Plan TNH-B-11B…

HousePlan MoserTNH-B-11B side mdfb

An image of Moser Design plan TNH-B-11B via Moser Design Facebook

Welcome to House Plan Thursday! Today’s plan is a small house, 1,286 square feet. Compact but efficient, which is the most important element when choosing a small house plan. This plan gives you options for flexible space, which is important! Above is the TNH-B-11B plan from a side view. SWEET, isn’t it? I love the front porch. You can sit out and drink your iced tea, chat with the neighbors, or you can sit quietly in the screened porch area with a good book! This way you have the best of both worlds!

Whitehaus36InchNoahCollectionFreestandingUtilitySink VintageTub.com

Click HERE for the pdf of the house plan – sweet! Nothing like dreaming about a house you might build one day… this house has impressive 10′ ceilings. So even though the overall heated space is 1,286 it’s a classy design. There are a few changes I would make for us (as I would with any house plan), and this is where the big fun is… Neither of us is big on caddied or slanted walls, such as in the den, I would make it smaller and square it off… If it’s a three person household, there is plenty of room with a master bedroom, and the den/bedroom area. Then if you need an occasional guest room aside from that you could put a daybed in the library… a thought! Then say your child goes off to school and then onto his or her own life… you aren’t left with a house too big for the two of you… and you can still have plenty of room! A big island in the kitchen gives you plenty of workspace, which is so nice. Another change we would make is in the Utility area, it shows a sink on one side, and washer/dryer area on the other. Instead of a regular sink and counter. I would have this cool sink, with counters on both sides. Perfect for big jobs as well as for bathing the dog!

White Haus 36″ – Noah Collection Freestyle Utility Sink – Vintagetub.com

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Featured Artist… Kim Van Der Hoek!

Kim VanDerHoek Quiet Day At the Cove KV

Quiet Day at the Cove by Kim VanDerHoek – [Image]

Kim has a fabulous loose style. I love the bits of white canvas peeking through… there is a lot going on in this painting, yet it’s fresh and not at all tight. I’m not usually a fan of beach paintings, but this one is nice. Lots going on… love the life guard stand, and those fabulous palms. Great painting!

Check out her Workshops and her Blog…!

Read a blip about Kim from her website, (read more by clicking HERE):

“It is my hope that when you view my painting from across the room you can easily see what the subject is, then, upon closer inspection, you find yourself lost in the brushwork.”

After graduating with a fine arts degree in illustration from the California College of the Arts in Oakland California Kim worked as a graphic designer for 11 years. She left the design field to begin a new venture, motherhood. Needing a creative outlet after her son was born Kim began painting. Today she paints in the studio as well as en plein air (painting outdoors).

She began painting en plein air because it combined her love of being outside and creating art. “I enjoy the challenges plein air painting poses. Dealing with the weather, changing light and the other hurdles of outdoor painting has forced me to learn to make decisions quickly, to paint with commitment and above all, to have a plan for each painting.” Kim feels that her plein air work has, in turn, strengthened her studio paintings.

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Fabulous Recipe: Lime Shrimp with Coconut Rice! Quick, easy and delicious!

LimeShrimpCoconutRice WmSonoma


Williams-Sonoma has a fabulous recipe. It’s quick, easy and comforting. The way the flavor of the coconut milk gives the rice just a faint taste and makes it nice and creamy is just so comforting! The shrimp cooked in a little butter with lime zest, juice and green onions is perfection. Click HERE for the link to the original Williams-Sonoma recipe that you can print.

Below is my version. I cooked the full amount of rice, and made half the shrimp portion, since there are only two of us. The first time I made it there wasn’t much of a lime taste. The second time I upped the zest and lime juice and it was perfect! If I was making this for four people I would double the lime zest and juice and serve with a big tossed salad, some nice hot bread and olive oil!

MY VERSION OF LIME SHRIMP WITH COCONUT RICE – Serves 2 (Click HERE to view/print my version of the recipe):


The ingredients… butter, white rice, water, coconut milk, lime, garlic, shrimp, green onions

(Note: I did not use cilantro… you either like it or it tastes like dish soap. I taste JOY dish soap. Pthewy!)

The rice


Start by melting 1 tablespoon of butter in a saucepan over medium heat. Add 1 cup of rice and cook, stirring constantly, until well coated with butter (about 1 minute).

adding the coconut milk/water combo

Then stir in 1 1/2 cups coconut milk and 1 cup of water. Bring to a boil, reduce the heat to low and cover. Cook until liquid is absorbed and the rice is tender (about 20 minutes).


get ingredients ready...

I get the ingredients ready to use. Grate or mince the garlic, chop the green onions, zest and juice the lime, rinse and dry the shrimp and then proceed as follows:

While the rice cooks, grate the zest of one small lime and squeeze the juice from that same lime. About 5 minutes before the rice is ready, in a large fry pan over medium heat, melt 2 tablespoons of butter.

adding the lime zest, juice and garlic

Add the garlic and lime (zest and  juice from 1 lime) and stir until the mixture is bubbly.

add shrimp and green onion

Add the 1/2 pound peeled, deveined shrimp (more or less to taste) and the 4 chopped green onions (white and green). Saute until the shrimp are just opaque and cooked through, about 3 minutes (do not overcook). Stir in half of the cilantro if using.


Fluff the rice and gently stir in the remaining cilantro (if using). There are four servings of rice, which you can use to heat up for a quick side dish. Spoon some rice onto a pretty plate and top with shrimp mixture.

Serves 2.

Wait. Until. You. Taste. It! See how quick and easy it is? The main portion is cooked in 5 minutes, right before the rice is ready! Woohoo, love that!

Adapted from Williams-Sonoma Food Made Fast Series, Weeknight, by Melanie Barnard (Oxmoor House, 2006).

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Featured Artist… Casey Baugh!

caseybaugh dusk cb

Dusk by Casey Baugh – {Image}

S T U N N I N G. The eyes have it. She has incredible eyes… the light, the perfection in this painting is unbelievable. Artist Casey Baugh has a way with a brush that is truly breathtaking! Even the way he signs the painting could be described as nothing short of ARTISTIC! I encourage you to check him out… he’s got a great website and is represented by several galleries including The Haynes Galleries.

There is a fairly short YouTube video with a slideshow of some of his paintings… wow!

A blip about Casey from the Haynes Galleries website:

American, Born 1984

Although largely self-taught, Casey Baugh completed a four year apprenticeship in representational painting with renowned Vermont artist Richard Schmid. For the past two years, Baugh’s work has won the People’s Choice award and first place honors at the Portrait Society of America, as well as first prize awards and honorable mentions given by American Artist magazine. His work has been shown in exhibitions including Art Hampton, Art and Antiques, and the Salmagundi Club in New York City. He is currently teaching figure painting at the Townsend Atelier in Chattanooga, TN, and is featured with Richard Schmid in the recently released DVD, The Master’s Portrait.

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Tribute to a friend…


It is with a heavy heart that we say farewell to a friend… “he has begun his journey“. Pain and anguish are no more which is a relief. His smiling face will be missed. His brilliant conversation will always be remembered. The last time we saw Scott was on Monhegan Island, ME. We met for dinner several nights over the course of the week. We shared conversation that covered most topics we could think of. We talked until they turned out the lights and then continued to talk. Family, interests, hiking, climbing (Scott), cooking, books, movies, other friends… you name it, we covered it. I am sad to know those conversations will never continue, at least not here on earth… but I guess that gives us something to look forward to once we begin our own journey.

Monhegan Island is a beautiful place and holds wonderful memories for us. It seems like some of the friends that we’ve met from there are some of our very best. Despite distance, they’re the ones that we keep in touch with. They have touched our heart. Maybe its the week spent on an island with no outside communication to dull your mind… no TV, no radio, just friends, talking, catching up and learning about each others lives. In a “normal” place you probably wouldn’t sit around that long just talking. But on Monhegan THAT is the entertainment, and for that I am so grateful. Strong relationships are forged in a very short period of time. We truly care about each other, and when one hurts, so does the other. Now, that care extends to his family, who was right there by his side…


I found a North End Market receipt in my “Monhegan” book, Scott had written down the name of a movie he really enjoyed, called MAN ON WIRE. As well as a book, RAZOR’S EDGE by W.S. Maugham. I haven’t gotten around to either, but I think we will make a point to do so. A tribute to our friend…

Scott may be gone from this life, but will never be forgotten – the lives he has touched are forever changed… he has made an impression on so many people’s lives. When you are fortunate enough to run across someone special, take the time to get to know them, keep in touch and never take that time for granted. Life is truly short. Cherish your relationships no matter how deep they are. Go out and touch someones life today, in a positive way. Be thankful. Feel blessed.

Peace and prayers to Scott as well as his family. We look forward to seeing you again my friend!

Below, a photo… entitled I Wish… a Monhegan tradition, when you leave the island you toss your bouquet into the water… if it comes towards shore that means you’ll be back…

monhegan flowers

It’s the little things in life…

Butterfly on Monhegan

Monhegan Island, Maine is an island rich in history. There are so many beautiful sites to see, the ocean, cliffs, artists painting, birds, flowers, and of course… the butterflies… they seem to be everywhere!

Have a wonderful weekend, get out and enjoy the beauty all around you… notice the little things that make you smile. Be grateful for them… Life on earth is a short blip on the radar screen… savor it…

Prayers of peace go out to our Monhegan friend, Scott and to his family…

Catch you back here tomorrow!

French Quarter Art Walk tonight – Charleston SC… and a very special birthday!

This is a busy day! Lots to do and to let you know about! Today is the French Quarter Art Walk  from 5-8 PM, visit the local galleries, view the gorgeous art, take in the sights, and maybe even have a snack or two! The art walk is free and open to the public. It’s a great time for both locals and visitors. Peruse the streets of Charleston, walk from gallery to gallery… you might even see a demo! (Click HERE for a map of participating galleries and their locations)! Here is just a small sampling of what you’re in for tonight…

GeneCostanza Vineyard II MG

Vineyard II by Gene Costanza

A reminder that M Gallery of Fine Art has moved to 125 Meeting Street, Charleston – a beautiful gallery with so many fabulous artists! I hear Gene Costanza will be giving a demo on Friday night during the art walk. I certainly wouldn’t want to miss it! What an opportunity! I am so grateful to those galleries who take the time to have artists set up and painting, it truly is a thrill, especially when it’s a high caliber artist like Gene! This May Gene Costanza will be conducting a workshop in Charleston. Contact M Gallery for more information.

Oystersalfresco hortonrunquist HortonHayes

Oysters al Fresco a collaboration by Mark Kelvin Horton and Shannon Runquist

Be sure to stop by Horton Hayes Fine Art! Besides all the fabulous art to see, check out this painting that is being auctioned off. A beautiful gallery, nice people, what more can you ask for?

From the Horton Hayes website:

Stop in to see the many new works on display including the official Dining with Friends painting, Oysters al Fresco, a collaborative work by Mark Kelvin Horton and Shannon Runquist. This piece is for sale by silent auction at Horton Hayes Fine Art and proceeds from the sale will benefit Lowcountry Aids Services. The auction will be open for bids through Saturday, May 4th.

RobertLange IHearTheMusic RL

I Hear The Music by Robert Lange

Robert Lange’s latest show AFFIRMATION will be hanging at Robert Lange Studios, and oh what a show it will be! Stop in and check it out! What an imagination he’s got!

BettyAnglinSmith PassingColdfront SK

Passing Cold Front by Betty Anglin Smith

Betty Anglin Smith is also having her show, PRESERVATION, at the Smith Killian Fine Art gallery this evening. Be sure to stop in and say hello!

~ ~ ~

On another note… today is a very special someone’s birthday…

H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y  C A R L I S L E ! (Fred’s dad!)

We hope this is your best birthday ever! Love you so much!

Happy Birthday DC!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

Image Credits:

Vineyard II by Gene Costanza – M Gallery of Fine Art

Oysters al Fresco a collaboration by Mark Kelvin Horton and Shannon Runquist –  Horton Hayes Fine Art

I Hear The Music by Robert Lange – Robert Lange Studios

Passing Cold Front by Betty Anglin Smith  – Smith Killian Fine Art


Beep beep beep… I interrupt House Plan Thursday for this important announcement… Colin Page Show…

Colin Page
Colin Page – SPATIAL PERCEPTION / Greenhut Galleries

May 2 – June 1, 2013

Opening Reception: Thursday, May 2, 5-7PM

Artist’s Talk: Saturday, May 11 at 1:30PM

Ok… I’m teasing you with only three paintings… Click HERE to see the entire show online… in case you can’t be there… but if you can… GO! I am blown away by the quality of work in this one show. Remember, you have until June 1, 2013 to see the show in person! Look at these paintings… stunners, every single one. Look at that brushwork, those fabulous colors, the composition… wow!

If you are in the Portland, Maine area, stop by the Greenhut Galleries, located on Middle Street. Colin is an immensely talented (and down to earth) award winning artist and his work continues to grow, just when you think it can’t possibly be any better he adds a twist. I love that! Try not to miss the gallery talk scheduled for Saturday, May 11 at 1:30PM. I’ve never had the opportunity to be there in person, but I have listened to Colin online, and he’s FABULOUS! Trust me, you’ll want to be there!

Colin Page

If you can’t make it to the show, check out his website, it’s a good one, and definitely read his Journal… Colin is full of fabulous work, and his thoughts are wonderful to read through… check it out! One more image to entice you…

Colin Page

Here’s a blip about Colin, in case you aren’t familiar! This is from the Greenhut Galleries email of Colin’s show:

Colin Page was raised in Baltimore, MD and attended the Rhode Island School of Design. He transferred to Cooper Union with a concentration in painting. Upon graduation, he lived in New York City for three years where he was an active member in the art community. In search of a more diverse landscape, Page moved to Maine where he has devoted his time to making art and teaching.
Page feels that every painting should be as personal as painting a self-portrait.  His goal  is to capture the spark of excitement that called him to set up his easel whether it is the subject’s vibrant color or the atmospheric space.  Through his paintings, he shares the poetry of experience…..each painting must breathe and have a life of its own.
Page states, “I want to balance moments of specific realism, with more intuitive paint handling.  My paintings are based on the subject I am experiencing, sometimes through direct observation, and sometimes through expressive brushwork and color.  My favorite situation is a painting that has both on the same canvas. “
In addition to making art, Colin Page also teaches a number of very popular painting workshops across the state. He was the 2009 winner of the People’s Choice Award at the Door County Plein Air Festival.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

(All Photos via Colin Page)