Farmer’s Market Favorite: Field Peas, Rice and Tomatoes!

Field Peas, Rice and Tomatoes

Looks delicious, right? The Charleston Farmer’s Market (CFM) is off and running… and it couldn’t be better! Fabulous fruits, veggies, crafts, art, and all kinds of treats for both humans and our four legged friends. We try to get there early because it gets crazy busy which is fabulous! I remember back in 2008 the CFM was ranked 5th Best Farmer’s Market in the Country! CFM has also been named the Top Outdoor Event by the Charleston City Paper readers for the last four years in a row! This year will be no exception!

We headed there last Saturday and stocked up… gorgeous, juicy tomatoes, crisp radishes and these fabulous field peas… What a treat to eat something so fresh and wonderful! I simply browned 2 pieces of bacon (I bought 2 pieces of bacon from EarthFare – best ever!), cut up an onion and threw that in, once it was translucent, I added the rinsed and drained  field peas, covered them with water, brought to a boil and left the cover partially on… Then I started a pot of rice, and by the time the rice was finished dinner was ready! OH! Everything was so delicious!

Here’s a blip about the Charleston Farmer’s Market from their website:


Regular CFM Hours
April 13 – December 21, 2013
Saturdays 8:00am – 2:00pm

Select Sundays:
Piccolo Spoleto Festival Hours 9:00am-3:00pm
May 26, June 2 & 9

Holiday Magic Hours 9:00am-3:00pm
December 1, 8, & 15

Marion Square
King & Calhoun Streets
Admission: FREE

Founded by Mayor Joe Riley in 1989, and the Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service, the Charleston Farmers Market is produced by the City of Charleston Office of Cultural Affairs, in cooperation with the City of Charleston Parks Department.  Over the years, the Charleston Farmers Market has received numerous awards: in 2005, the Charleston Farmers Market newly revitalized and relocated back in the renovated Marion Square, received the Three Sisters Award from the Charleston Save the City Committee; in 2008, the Market was ranked by Travel and Leisure magazine as one of the top 10 best Farmers Markets in the nation; and in the Charleston City Paper reader’s poll, “Best Of,” the Charleston Farmers Market was named Best Outdoor Event in 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012!

Now, permanently located in Marion Square, the heart of historic downtown Charleston, S.C., the CFM is open each Saturday, from April to December, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. with select Sundays During the Piccolo Spoleto Festival and Holiday Magic. The CFM is dedicated to the support the advocacy of Lowcountry farmers and growers. We offer a variety of local produce, plants, herbs and cut flowers as well as breakfast and lunch Vendors, live entertainment and an assortment of juried arts and crafts from local artisans. Attracting citizens and visitors alike, the CFM is the community connection every Saturday morning from April through December, bringing together people from all parts of the Lowcountry and beyond.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

Featured Artist… Lindsey Kustusch!

LindseyKustusch 12x12park ravens LK

Park Ravens by Lindsey Kustusch

Haunting. Intriguing. Mystifying. Rulers of the dark. These ravens have pizazz! They are absolutely amazing and the background… GENIUS!

Read an interview with Lindsey by BoogieBot Monthly… I love to hear artists stories, the interesting more personal facts about them!

Check out Lindsey’s website, whew – full of paintings, one after another they are fabulous! Catch you back here tomorrow!

The beauty of history…

Cathedral of St John the Baptist, Charleston SC

There is a beautiful Catholic church in downtown Charleston, SC that I truly believe everyone should see. The church is  Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, founded in 1821. You can sense the history when you walk through the doors. Here in Charleston, SC we have many churches like this… gorgeous, big and beautiful!

My parents were here a few weeks ago, and we were having lunch downtown and on the way back to the car we walked through the very impressive doors. AMAZING. It’s hard to get a good shot with a phone camera, but here is a glimpse at one of the many windows. The architecture is breathtaking. A wonderful church for sure!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

What kind of footprints are these??

What kind of footprints?

Not the best shot here… Fred and I were walking on the beach at Botany Bay (Edisto, SC) and we saw footprints… not dog (not allowed on the beach), I’m guessing deer? Kind of V shaped? As we meandered down the path (not near the beach) two deer flew in front of us… they were on a mission, or maybe they were playing tag, who knows… they looked happy! What a cool place to live, where you know you’re secure and protected!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

Featured Artist… Bill Schenck!

BillSchenck RIdeOfftheMesa

Ride Off the Mesa by Bill Schenck – Image:

POPS doesn’t it?? I received an email with a collage of paintings by artist Bill Schenck. WHOA! This guy is amazing. I love his paint-by-number style, it’s so intriguing to me! I feel as if I’m standing somewhere nearby watching this oh so cool cowboy… This warm palette gets me every timel!

Read a blip about Bill from the Maxwell Alexander Gallery website:

Bill Schenck has been known internationally for the past 43 years as one of the originators of the contemporary “Pop” western movement and an American painter who incorporates techniques from Photo-Realism with a Pop Art sensibility to both exalt and poke fun at images of the West.

Like the heroes he idolized in B-Westerns, Schenck might well be called the “Good Badman” of Western American art. Early in his career he became known for appropriating cinematic imagery, which he reproduced in a flattened, reductivist style, where colors are laid side-by-side rather than blended or shadowed.

Drawing upon narrative tensions that have attracted mass audiences to western fiction and movies, Schenck added hot colors, surreal juxtapositions, and stylized patterning to explore clashes between wilderness and civilization, the individual and community, nature and culture, freedom and restriction.

Current career highlights for the artist include inclusion in the recently opened exhibit at the Denver Art Museum entitled “Western Horizons”, Landscapes from the contemporary realism collection. A retrospective of serigraphs created by Schenck from 1971 through 1996 opens February 12, 2011 at the Tucson Museum of Art.

Museum collections include the Mesa Southwest Museum, Mesa AZ, The Tucson Museum of Art, Tucson AZ, The Denver Art Museum, Denver CO, The Autry Museum of Western Heritage, Anaheim, CA, Museum of the Southwest, Midland TX, Albuquerque Fine Arts Museum and the New Mexico Museum of Art. Private collections include the estate of Malcolm Forbes, Steve Forbes, Chris Everett, Elaine Horwitch, Ivan Karp, Stacey Keach, Louis Meisel, Martina Navritalova, Lawrence Rockefeller, the estate of Fritz Scholder and Sylvester Stallone. Works by the artist are held in the corporate collections of American Airlines, I.B.M., Wells Fargo Bank, Hilton Hotels, Sturn Ruger and The National Bank of Switzerland.

“What has remained constant throughout Schenck’s career is his individuality in dealing with the subject matter of the west. Using the artistic formula of classic western film direction and the photographically reliant systems of contemporary art, he has bridged two genres that resonate with the American experience. Rather than standing as an outside observer to the realities and myths of the west, Schenck is a part of the scene, figuratively and literally. From early depictions of cinematic cowboys to real-life cowboys and cowgirls to poetic reveries about the Native American existence in the Southwest, Schenck melds the real with the imagined, autobiography with fantasy.”

-Julie Sasse, Chief Curator and Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, Tucson Museum of Art

He’s got a cool website… check it out and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow!

House Plan Thursday… Southern Living – Tideland Haven SL-1375


Southern Living House plan 1375, also known as Tideland Haven… it’s a beauty isn’t it? This is an exclusive design by Historical Concepts for Southern Living. We know someone who built this house, and its a beauty! Nestled along the marsh it truly is the perfect plan for that setting. If you note, there is a fireplace inside as well as outside, and that porch… WHOA! A large unscreened porch and another screened porch. You just can’t beat it! I think if I were building this house I would flip flop the dining room and kitchen… Only because I love my kitchen sink in front of the window for all the times I am eating brownies washing dishes! Although, on second thought maybe I wouldn’t flip flop it, because then I could see the TV, which would be really nice when baking and making dinner! Either way, this is a nice open design, with the perfect amount of porches, both screened and unscreened. Now THIS is living!

Would you like to see more photos of this house? Click HEREthen click on the small photos in the lineup to see the images. I love how they put boards horizontally on the walls.  (Be sure to look at the “real” images… they are amazing)! This post has been updated 6/4/13 to include an image of the porch with wire instead of wooden spindles…

SL Plan 1375

How fabulous is this?? One more thing I would do… friends of ours opted for horizontal wire on the porches so that your view is unobstructed. I like that so much better than spindles which limit your view. I guess if I had small children I might prefer spindles, but Fred, Charlie (dog) and I would go for the wire…


These are the spindles I like… wire… photo below from a friend, Joe H. – thanks Joe!

Wire for spindles photo from Joe H

Catch you back here tomorrow!

[Images via Southern Living]

Featured Artist… Jeffrey T. Larson!

JeffreyTLarson GraceMercy jtl

Grace & Mercy by Jeffrey T. Larson – [Image]

Isn’t this fabulous? You can just feel that sun beating down, can’t you? The light is fabulous! I love how you can see the shadow of her figure through the sheet. Jeff is a more detail oriented artist with some very nice and unique paintings! I see that Jeff also shows at Helena Fox Fine Art gallery here in Charleston, SC – small world!

Here’s a blip about Jeff from his website:

Jeffrey T. Larson was born in 1962 in Two Harbors, Minnesota and grew up in the Twin Cities. Jeffrey has been trained in the manner of the Old Masters at the prestigious Atelier Lack, a studio/school whose traditions and training methods reach back through impressionism and the 19th centuries French academies. He followed his four-year formal training with museum study in the United States and abroad. 

Catch you back here tomorrow!

Beach at Botany Bay…

Beach at Botany Bay, Edisto, SC

Fred and I headed to Botany Bay (Edisto, SC).For those of you who haven’t been… I would add it to my list of places to see… it is preserved land that is full of wildlife, beautiful birds, deer, (snakes, spiders and alligators as well)… It’s like going back in time. I cannot believe we just made our first trip there… it certainly won’t be our last! We opened the back of my car, sat on the bumper and ate sandwiches, listening to the sounds… the birds, the wind blowing the trees… it was heaven!

A peaceful photo from the beach. I could have stayed there all day…

Catch you back here tomorrow!

Featured Artist… Kim Lordier!

Kim Lordier The Sun's Embrace KL

The Sun’s Embrace by Kim Lordier / Image:

Isn’t this a fabulous pastel? That horse is absolutely magnificent! The sun and the dark greens… whoa! (Pun intended)… Kim has an interesting story, read on…

Read a blip about the artist from her website:

Native to the San Francisco Bay Area and a graduate of the Academy of Art University, San Francisco CA, Kim Lordier combines keen observation and sensitivity to her award winning landscapes. After college, Lordier flew for a major air carrier, experiencing many domestic and foreign locales, while keeping up with painting and portraiture. After the events of September 2001 she turned to painting full time.
“There is nothing like the inner peace that comes from working from life, exploring the way the sun can transform an ordinary object into something stunning. I want you to see the beauty in what we pass by everyday, and acknowledge the importance of open space in our lives.”

Inspired by the turn of the century California Impressionists and Tonalists, Kim paints in the plein air tradition. Fascinated with California’s unique atmospheric qualities, Kim strives to capture the beauty, depth and energy of the land and sea. She is currently a Signature member of the Laguna Plein Air Painters, the Pastel Society of America,  a Distinguished Pastelist in the Pastel Society of the West Coast, and Artist Member of the California Art Club.
Also, check out this article, When to Be Critical, When to Let Go written by Steve Doherty back in 2007. So much great advice!

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Wishes for a Happy Mother’s Day… even if you aren’t one!



Wishing all you Mother’s out there a very happy Mother’s Day! You’re the best… I’m sure a lot of sacrifices are made, but its all worth it, right?

I would like to say THANK GOD for my mom, Sheila, and for Fred’s mom, Bobbie. Fred and I couldn’t have hand picked better moms. No chance. None. Zip. Zero. Nada. We love them more than anything… we are very blessed and we know that.

Now for those of you who aren’t yet a mother, or cannot be a mother.  I get it.  I understand. I know how you feel. Motherhood clearly isn’t in the cards for everyone. I wish it was, but it’s not. So, be positive, move forward, spend time with a niece or nephew, neighborhood kid or volunteering where so many kids need a positive influence in their lives. And… more important… don’t worry if you can’t be positive quite yet. It took me a long time…

…and hey, I’m the best darn dog mom you’ve ever seen… he he…. (Charlie when we first got him in 2009)

Charlie 11 27 2009

Believe me when I say… dog moms make lots of sacrifices too! (Caught in the act! Note empty toilet paper roll… nice Charlie… couldn’t have paper on a roll for two years!)

I swear tile is creamy white… not sure why it appears tan… eeeek.


E N J O Y   T H E   D A Y  ! !

Love you moms!

Catch you back here tomorrow!