Tribute to a friend…


It is with a heavy heart that we say farewell to a friend… “he has begun his journey“. Pain and anguish are no more which is a relief. His smiling face will be missed. His brilliant conversation will always be remembered. The last time we saw Scott was on Monhegan Island, ME. We met for dinner several nights over the course of the week. We shared conversation that covered most topics we could think of. We talked until they turned out the lights and then continued to talk. Family, interests, hiking, climbing (Scott), cooking, books, movies, other friends… you name it, we covered it. I am sad to know those conversations will never continue, at least not here on earth… but I guess that gives us something to look forward to once we begin our own journey.

Monhegan Island is a beautiful place and holds wonderful memories for us. It seems like some of the friends that we’ve met from there are some of our very best. Despite distance, they’re the ones that we keep in touch with. They have touched our heart. Maybe its the week spent on an island with no outside communication to dull your mind… no TV, no radio, just friends, talking, catching up and learning about each others lives. In a “normal” place you probably wouldn’t sit around that long just talking. But on Monhegan THAT is the entertainment, and for that I am so grateful. Strong relationships are forged in a very short period of time. We truly care about each other, and when one hurts, so does the other. Now, that care extends to his family, who was right there by his side…


I found a North End Market receipt in my “Monhegan” book, Scott had written down the name of a movie he really enjoyed, called MAN ON WIRE. As well as a book, RAZOR’S EDGE by W.S. Maugham. I haven’t gotten around to either, but I think we will make a point to do so. A tribute to our friend…

Scott may be gone from this life, but will never be forgotten – the lives he has touched are forever changed… he has made an impression on so many people’s lives. When you are fortunate enough to run across someone special, take the time to get to know them, keep in touch and never take that time for granted. Life is truly short. Cherish your relationships no matter how deep they are. Go out and touch someones life today, in a positive way. Be thankful. Feel blessed.

Peace and prayers to Scott as well as his family. We look forward to seeing you again my friend!

Below, a photo… entitled I Wish… a Monhegan tradition, when you leave the island you toss your bouquet into the water… if it comes towards shore that means you’ll be back…

monhegan flowers

12 thoughts on “Tribute to a friend…

  1. Barbara, What a sad but tender post today. A lovely tribute.I am sorry that you lost such a good friend, and I know that you, his family and his many friends are hurting. Thank you for the reminder to do “touch someone’s life today.” I’ll remember that (in the memory of your friend).


  2. Jerry Stocks

    Such a lovely post, and I am going to make a special phone call today, in fact I have a note by my phone to do this. You have inspired me.


    1. Thank you Jerry! I guess its in our nature to assume we will always see someone again… life has no guarantees that’s for sure… I’m glad I inspired you… thanks so much, your comment means a lot!


  3. Ann Byers

    Sorry for your loss. You are right, good friends should be held onto tightly. Is Scott the man in the photo? If so, he looks so young which must make losing him even more sad. You and Fred are such wonderful and interesting people. You are very special, and I feel very lucky to call you friends and I cherish the times and memories we shared. Love to you both Ann



    1. Hey Ann… Yes, Scott is the photo, way too young… I had hoped that we would all be sitting around the Island Inn talking into the wee hours well into our 90’s… but one day…
      We cherish our times with you as well… we are truly grateful for the relationships made over the years. Love, barbara (& fred too)


  4. Sheila

    I’m glad we got to meet your friend one year we too were in Maine ….your story was wonderful, so sad.. But we will meet again. Love mom


    1. I’m so glad you guys got to meet Scott too! You saw, even if for a short time, what a nice, cool guy he was. He will be missed. You’re right, we will all meet again… love you! me


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