Featured Artist… Casey Baugh!

caseybaugh dusk cb

Dusk by Casey Baugh – {Image}

S T U N N I N G. The eyes have it. She has incredible eyes… the light, the perfection in this painting is unbelievable. Artist Casey Baugh has a way with a brush that is truly breathtaking! Even the way he signs the painting could be described as nothing short of ARTISTIC! I encourage you to check him out… he’s got a great website and is represented by several galleries including The Haynes Galleries.

There is a fairly short YouTube video with a slideshow of some of his paintings… wow!

A blip about Casey from the Haynes Galleries website:

American, Born 1984

Although largely self-taught, Casey Baugh completed a four year apprenticeship in representational painting with renowned Vermont artist Richard Schmid. For the past two years, Baugh’s work has won the People’s Choice award and first place honors at the Portrait Society of America, as well as first prize awards and honorable mentions given by American Artist magazine. His work has been shown in exhibitions including Art Hampton, Art and Antiques, and the Salmagundi Club in New York City. He is currently teaching figure painting at the Townsend Atelier in Chattanooga, TN, and is featured with Richard Schmid in the recently released DVD, The Master’s Portrait.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Featured Artist… Casey Baugh!

  1. Thanks for the link; I enjoyed the slide show at full screen. Especially liked the child at the piano. Mr. Baugh certainly does like attractive women. I’d like to see some portraits of “ordinary” folks too.


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