[featured artist] Marcia Burtt!

"Reflecting Pool" by Marcia Burtt
“Reflecting Pool” by Marcia Burtt

This painting by Marcia Burtt caught my eye right away. The still, glassy water with those amazing reflections and the orangey color against the dark colors just screams WHOA! What a treat it was to run across Marcia’s work! She has a fabulous website… here is a list of galleries she’s in, scroll through to see if there is one near you! The Marcia Burtt Studio is located in Santa Barbara, CA…

"Slack Tide, Haze" by Marcia Burtt
“Slack Tide, Haze” by Marcia Burtt

How serene is this painting? Can’t you just feel yourself sitting on the edge of America listening to the waves, feeling the cool water, smelling the salt air… it makes my neck relax and my shoulders lower away from my ears, ha ha… Everyone should have a painting like this to look at every day!

Read a blip about Marcia from her website:

“Making a painting, for me, is a process of studying a subject over a period of hours or days. Creating meaning from a random collection of natural objects requires receptively seeing in a sensual way while at the same time imposing structure. This dance between perception and intellect to create an object that holds a unique communication is the great joy of being a painter.”

Starting college at the University of Chicago, Burtt graduated from UC Berkeley with majors in pre-med, psychology, and art, earning her master’s degree in art from the University of Montana.

Her paintings have been included in a number of exhibitions in regional museums, including recently “California Art Club Paints Malibu” at the Weisman Museum at Pepperdine and “Saving Paradise,” traveling to the east coast.

Burtt’s large commissioned paintings hang in major healing centers, including MD Anderson in Houston and Cedars-Sinai Outpatient Cancer Center in Los Angeles.

Marcia and her husband Dave live on 1200 acres in southern San Luis Obispo County. Their ranch has been granted a wildlife easement and will never be developed, thanks to efforts by The Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County.

Also check out the WORKSHOP section… sounds amazing!

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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All images: MarciaBurtt.com

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