Featured Artist: Steven Walker!

Nightlines by Steven Walker Winner of Plein Air Salon "Best Nocturne"
Nightlines by Steven Walker
Winner of Plein Air Salon “Best Nocturne”

Amazing painting, right? Nocturnes amaze me. Steven really packed a lot into this painting.  This painting has such a nice feel to it with the soft light from the lamps in the house and the nice light showing fabulous shadows from the street light. Very nice how the power lines were illuminated just enough to catch your eye. Steven’s work is fabulous!

Steven Walker won Best Nocturne for his oil “Nightlines”from Plein Air Salon’s Dec/Jan competition.

Zephyr #8 (Passion)
Zephyr #8 (Passion)

Can’t you feel that bright sun in your eyes? This painting is a treat… look at those clouds.. oooh how they highlight that orangy yellow so nicely… the sun kissed landscape, very nice! Be sure to look at Steven’s website, it’s chock full of fabulous paintings!

Read a blip about Steve from his website (also check out his blog):

Born in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and raised in Richmond, Virginia, Steven has been captivated by art for most of his life.  He earned his bachelor’s degree at Virginia Commonwealth University with a concentration in illustration.  After only a few years as a freelance illustrator, Steven earned his master’s degree at Marywood University and began focusing his efforts towards fine art.

After a string of small shows at coffee shops and libraries his focus turned to gallery exhibition. Since his venture into gallery life, his landscapes have been well received by collectors. His paintings are part of several private collections such as Hilton Hotels, the Boy Scouts of America, Dominion Resources and the United States Air Force.

Steven has been included in several local and national juried competitions including the Richeson 75 Landscape Competition, the American Landscape competition in Maryland, several juried shows throughout Ohio and Virginia, the International Salon Competition and most recently, the Oil Painters of America Salon.  Steven also had the privilege of being a part of a statewide traveling exhibition with the Virginia Museum of Fine Art.  Recently he’s participated in several artist in residency programs  in Michigan, Indiana  and Iowa through the National Parks Service.  

Steven, with the assistance of his lovely wife Evelyn, continues to work hard in the advancement of his career.  Currently, his work is represented by the B. Deemer Gallery in Louisville, KY, The Sharon Weiss Gallery in Columbus, OH, the Vision Gallery in Atlantic Beach, NC, and the Glave Kocen Gallery in Richmond, VA.

“I should have quit years ago but that would have proved so many people right.” – SW

 All images via StevenWalkerStudios.com with permission from the artist…

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