Outbuilding plan by Moser Design Group – Check out TNH-0-25!

Front view...
Front view…

TNH-0-25. In my dreams, along with all the fabulous house plans, I love to look at plans of outbuildings. There are so many I like, I was looking for a plan with no kitchen. Our house is 2 bedrooms, which is fine most of the time, but another bedroom sure would be handy to accomodate the few times when we’ve had more than one person want to visit at the same time. Most of the time it could be used as a studio, but when company is in town the studio could become a guest room. A place to sleep and take a shower. How perfect is that?

What a dream it would be to paint without having to put everything away each time. This is my excuse why I haven’t painted in a long time… here is my scenario: Set everything up (in our sunroom, which we use on a daily basis), crack windows, position a box fan blowing air out, setup paint, palette, etc. Then decide what to paint (ok, this part is my fault I so know that, ha ha), then start to paint and BOOM it’s time to make dinner… clean the brushes, the palette, etc. Put everything away, close the windows, put away the fan, etc. And once again, no painting… sigh… So ideally, if I had a studio I should have no reason not to paint, right?

TNH-0-25 by Moser Design GroupOur garage is in our backyard, so its not where a car can be parked, which is fine. If we ever built a garage, we would have to stay with the same foundation, we cannot change it or we would have to move it. So it would have to be pretty small. A friend of mine in the neighborhood built a beautiful garage/studio with fabulous barn doors… I love it… That’s what I want… but it would have to be much smaller… that’s OK!

Guest or studio space!
Guest or studio space!

So this configuration would give you a place to paint, as well as cleanup. A shower would be nice when we work in the yard and get really dirty, nice to not drag it through the house. I love the light coming in the windows (and the ventilation). Nice that the steps are inside and not outside in the weather.

TNH-0-25 by Moser Design Group

This is the side I love! This would face our pool – how cool would that be? I would see if we could use barn doors instead of regular doors. They’re so cool!

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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