Salmon Recipe – Perfect for those of you who don’t think you like salmon! | barbara stroudThis is a Bobby Flay recipe (from Bobby Flay’s Boy Gets Grill) – I first read about this recipe when I Googled “Salmon Recipes for Non Salmon Lovers”. A blog called FoodCrave featured this recipe – and I really liked the info they gave. They cooked it longer than the original recipe called for, which I liked (5 minutes on each side) AND they used a cast iron skillet! Perfect, since I don’t have a grill pan.

The original recipe was posted on Epicurious, this is where you can print the recipe without all my blah, blah blah…

Fred cooked it 5 minutes on each side like I mentioned, then we put the topping on, and stuck it under the broiler for less than a minute – wow! And I didn’t think I liked salmon 🙂 He got the pan nice and hot, and had coated the salmon with olive oil and WOW what a nice crispy top that made!

Catch you back here tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Salmon Recipe – Perfect for those of you who don’t think you like salmon!

    1. I know! I was doing the same. Friends invited us to dinner and made salmon and I LIKED it!! That was too exciting haha. You can’t tell by this photo but the top gets crispy. It’s wonderful. The next few times I made it I used less sauce (Fred uses none) I think I read it’s also good on a salad! Hope you enjoy!


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