Featured Artist: Suzie Baker!

Morning View, Rocky Point, Laguna 10x8 Oil
A Negative View on Saloons by Suzie Baker
12×16 Oil – SOLD

Suzie Baker. Gorgeous, loose, fabulous paintings. Absolutely stunning in every way. Check out her portraits, landscapes and still life paintings! I was so excited when I ran across her work! I saw it on Twitter of all things. I’m trying to get with it and figure Twitter out… I’m getting it a little more… so I am thrilled that my little learning curve ended up with a prize… finding Suzie’s work!

This painting, A Negative View on Saloons, drew me in immediately. I love paintings with a dark, dark and then something to offset it, and these greens are perfect!

Waving to the Folds On Shore by Suzie Baker 9x12" Oil
Waving to the Folks On Shore by Suzie Baker
9×12″ Oil – SOLD

I think the abstract quality to this piece is so nice – fresh and different. Not too far out for people who need a painting to look like “something”. You know exactly what this is, it has great movement and luscious paint!

Read a bit about Suzie from her website – this made me smile:

“I have a degree in Advertising and Fine Arts, and for years I worked as an Art Director in ad agencies before trading in my Pantone swatches for a palette and brushes. My business trips are now en plein air. I love my job! I paint in oils and am motivated by color, immediacy of stroke, composition, the camaraderie of other artist and ultimately the desire to evolve as an artist. I endeavor for my paintings to communicate confidence in execution with a fresh, intuitive, spontaneous, quality. In my life, I will paint till I can paint no more. When I’m not painting I’m thinking about what I want to paint next. I can’t, not paint.” – from Suzie Baker, Fine Artist

Images via SuzieBakerArt.com, used with permission…

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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