John Rutledge House Inn – Charleston, SC

Rutledge House - Charleston, SC
Rutledge House – Charleston, SC

This building demands your attention. Striking isn’t it? This is the John Rutledge House Inn located on Broad Street in Charleston, SC. We spent a night there almost twenty three years ago! It was so wonderful, the breakfast was to die for, and the inn itself… absolutely beautiful! This wasn’t the best photo, but it was snapped on the way to my car, as usual 😉

Here is a little bit about the history (from their website), but I urge you to check out their website, they have wonderful photos that show the transformation of this building!

John Rutledge built this elegant home as a wedding gift for his bride Elizabeth Grimke in 1763. In the 2nd floor drawing room, now the Signer’s Ballroom, John Rutledge, chairman of the drafting committee, wrote several iterations of the Constitution of the U.S. He later signed the document with the other founding fathers. In 1791, George Washington had breakfast with Mrs. Rutledge during his Presidential visit to Charleston.

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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