Featured Artist: Cynthia Britain!

Landscape painting by Cynthia Britain
Landscape painting by Cynthia Britain

Cynthia Britain has a cool style. I enjoyed looking through her website! Fabulous paintings with wonderful light, shadow and contrast, which I think is so important!

Are you looking to take a workshop this year? Check out Cynthia’s WORKSHOP schedule!

Read a bit about Cynthia, from her website:

“My intent is to express the intrinsic truth and beauty of my subject. To reveal the power or presence of spirit in a place or person. I am inspired by what I feel and by what I see…They reflect one another.”

Cynthia’s favorite activities are twofold – painting and spending time in nature. It is the combination of these two passions that have resulted in her becoming an award winning plein air painter. “I can’t imagine a more gratifying experience than painting outdoors while listening to the birds sing and feeling the sun on my face.”

While majorning in fine art at Fullerton College, Cynthia was introduced tot he Impressionist painters. She continued her studies at UCLA and Putney College of Art in England. Both the French Impressionists and the early California Impressionists deeply influenced the direction and concentration of her work.

Europe, the Middle East, the Mediterranean, and the Yucatan Peninsula area all locales where she has enjoyed painting, but California holds a special place in her heart. “Future generations will not thave the experience of this quickly disappearing natural landscape. I aspire to create a permanent repository of these unique places in my paintings.”

Cynthia Britain’s work has been shown at The Laguna Art Museum, The Orange County Museum of Art, and the San Diego Museum of Art, where she was awarded a Gold Medal. Her work is shown in a corporate and private collections throughout the world.

Image via CynthiaBritain.com, used with permission… 

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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