Featured Artist: Kevin Beers! Starts TOMORROW: June 18 through July 28th, 2015!

Uncle Henry's Light by Kevin Beers 18x24
Uncle Henry’s Light by Kevin Beers
18×24″ Oil

Kevin Beers. He’s always a pleasure to watch paint. Fred and I have seen Kevin on Monhegan several years toting his large canvases for plein air painting. He just shows up at the same spot and same time the next day to continue working. His paintings are treasures! Especially if you love the island as much as most people who visit do!

I love nocturnes, and this one is extra special! A short walk from the wharf is a cabin called Uncle Henry’s. I love the moodiness of this painting, and those few stars make it extra special!

Kevin is fortunate to be married to one of the nicest people on the planet, Amy, who is also an artist! They have recently made the big move to Maine, and they couldn’t be happier!

Arriving at Gleason Fine Art on Thursday…

Stars 'n Stripes by Kevin Beers
Stars ‘n Stripes by Kevin Beers

If you’re in the Boothbay Harbor, Maine area be sure to stop in to see the “View from Here” show at Gleason Fine Art. it should arrive in the gallery on Thursday! Here it is… Dennis Gleason shared some info with me about this painting… This truck painted with Old Glory – does it look familiar? You may have seen the real thing on Rte 90 just off Rte 1, where Jay Sawyer has his sculpture “garden”. This is going to be a fabulous show, don’t miss it!

The show opens TOMORROW, June 18, 2015 and runs through July 28th!  The reception is on JULY 3, 2015, from 5-8PM so if you would like to meet Kevin in person, be sure to stop by Gleason Fine Art!

Painting by Kevin Beers 30x40
Painting by Kevin Beers
30×40″ Oil

Kevin can paint the lightkeeper’s house on Monhegan in the most unbelievable way, but just when you don’t think there could be another twist… POOF! A painting within a painting – Clever!

Check out Gleason’s website and see all the other fabulous paintings that Kevin has been working on!

Read a blip about Kevin via Gleason Fine Art website:

           Monhegan has come to mean a lot to Beers. It is where Beers transformed a passion for painting into his life’s work. It is also where Beers met his wife, Amy Raye, who, in a scene right out of a Hepburn and Tracy romantic comedy, literally ran into Beers while admiring a magazine article about Beers painting on Monhegan. Fittingly, Beers and Raye married on their island a couple summers after their serendipitous meeting.
            To his many collectors, a Kevin Beers painting represents everything they love about Maine: intense blue seas and skies, puffy white clouds, and sunlight dancing off neat clapboard houses. To Beers himself, “Monhegan is a dazzling place with incredible, beautiful light. I love to paint the buildings on the island—the color and structure of weathered buildings, the patterns of sunlight and shadow, and the sharp contrast between a red roof, white clapboards, and bright blue sky.”

All images via GleasonFineArt.com, used with permission! 

Catch you back here tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “Featured Artist: Kevin Beers! Starts TOMORROW: June 18 through July 28th, 2015!

  1. fred

    love his work, another one to add to the wish list – love how he has a painting within a painting (3rd painting you featured on today’s blog)! Yes, his wife is so sweet!

    Liked by 1 person

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