Featured Artist: David Dewey!

Tall Windows by David Dewey 58x36" Watercolor
Tall Windows by David Dewey
58×36″ Watercolor

David Dewey. WOW. WOW. WOW. This painting blows me away. I find paintings that are painted so dramatically different are absolutely stunning. They catch my eye and hold my attention. The composition in this painting paired with the WOW blue of the sky and the captivating height of the house just make me want more. Look at those shadows. Perfection!

The detail in the woodwork… Exquisite!

David provided this information about the painting:

Tall Windows comes from a series of large scale architectural watercolors produced from a number of painting trips to San Francisco in the mid 80’s. Tall Windows and others from that San Francisco period marked the beginning of my Iconic Architectural works that came to an end around the later 90’s. It has been stored by me since it was painted and never shown in New York. All others were sold into collections throughout the US. It’s one of those things artist’s do with special works – at this point now, it is available.

Are you interested in taking a watercolor workshop? Well, if you are going to be in the Owl’s Head, Maine area either July 20-25, 2015 or September 10-14, 2015 you may be in luck! Click HERE for more info! If a workshop isn’t in the cards, David has written a wonderful book “The Watercolor Book”, see more below…

Read a bit about David, from his website:

For over 30 years, David Dewey has regularly exhibited his extraordinary watercolor paintings in New York City, Maine and throughout the United States. His work is included in many major museums, as well as public and private collections. Susan C. Larson, PH.D., writes
David has had a long successful teaching career, having taught at Parson’s School of Design, The National Academy of Design School, and The Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts. In 2008, David was named Professor Emeritus at Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts, and in the same year appointed curator of the painting estate of Joseph A. Fiore, NA (1925-2008). He continues to conduct his very popular workshops in New York, Maine, New England, and will continue his European workshop tours in the near future.His comprehensive book on the watercolor medium titled, The Watercolor Book, Watson-Guptill Publications, has been a must-have book for serious watercolor painters and educators since it’s publication in 1995.David is currently represented by Bernarducci-Meisel Gallery in NYC, and in Maine by Caldbeck Gallery. He and his wife Kathy divide their time between their homes in Blairstown, New Jersey and Owl’s Head, Maine.

Image via DavidDeweyWatercolors.com, used with permission…

Until tomorrow…

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