House Plan: TNH-PC-15A by Moser Design Group!

TNH-PC-15A Moser Design Group
TNH-PC-15A Moser Design Group

TNH-PC-15A house plan by Moser Design Group. This plan is 999 square feet with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It fits right into any neighborhood in the Lowcountry area. A great layout for a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom home. Lovely entry porch, perfect for visiting with neighbors, or having your cup of coffee in the morning!

TNH-PC-15A Moser Design Group
TNH-PC-15A Moser Design Group

This plan offers many wonderful windows letting the sun shine in! There is nothing like daylight to make everything look so beautiful! When you cross the threshold you enter the living space, which is a combination living/dining – which works for me. I actually like that more than I do a separate dining room. I would say YES to the optional corner porch, and I would screen it! Then you have the best of both worlds! The kitchen is situated nicely with steps to the second floor to the right of the entrance to the kitchen. The kitchen has a pantry! Woohoo – happy dance! The side entrance takes you into the kitchen, or to the bathroom or washer/dryer area. I wonder if there is any room to put a tiny powder room underneath the staircase? That would be really nice!

TNH-PC-15A Moser Design Group
TNH-PC-15A Moser Design Group

The upstairs has a bunk room and loft, which is perfect for those who want to hang out in their own space. Depending upon your needs you could leave the section on the other side of the loft open to the downstairs living space or you could make that optional living space! It’s so nice that this plan was designed to give you options! Can’t beat it!

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