Featured Artist: Kyle Buckland!

Kyle Buckland | Spring Still Life

Spring Still Life  16×20″  Oil

Kyle Buckland. This painting struck me, as it’s different from his usual subject matter (which is fabulous)! Nice composition. I love the many varied colors, the elegant bend of the watering can, the pops of yellow and orange and the airy quality of the white flowers near the top.

Kyle Buckland | Early Spring Pastures kb

Early Spring Pastures  24×30″  Oil

Kyle paints wonderful landscapes. and this one is no exception. I love his brush strokes. What fabulous trees, wonderful color palette – what a great painting!

Read a bit about Kyle, from his website:

Kyle Buckland, born in 1984, lives with his family in the southern region of the Appalachian Mountains. Painting has always been his passion and his true calling. Kyle explains that art is a language to communicate that which cannot be communicated through any other language. It’s the soul in the exterior of all things. It relies on love, beauty and passion to exist, three things which are crucial to our well-being as humans. To me art is everything.

     His talents in painting and drawing were recognized at a very young age, and Kyle was encouraged by his family and teachers to seriously explore the possibilities of art at around age 15. After painting nonstop throughout his high school years, real life came along and Kyle needed to make a living so he began working as a scenic artist painting backdrops for a theater in his hometown. Working on sets for plays was a wonderful experience for Kyle as it allowed him to express some of his artistic yearnings and get a regular paycheck, but something was missing. That something was the complete freedom to do what he had always known he was meant to do…create masterpieces! Kyle met his wife Jennifer who is also an artist and they took a leap of faith and both quit their full-time jobs to make a living solely off of their art. It was rough at times but each year has been better than the last, and we love a good challenge, Kyle explains.

     Now Kyle’s work has been recognized by national publications on plein air painting and featured at outdoorpainter.com, home of Plein Air Magazine, on three different occasions in articles concerning contemporary impressionism. He has garnered many awards and his work hangs in hundreds of private and corporate collections in the US and around the world. No serious collector should overlook the raw talent and passion in Kyle’s work. He is inevitably one of our next great American Impressionist painters!

All images via KyleBuckland.com, used with permission…

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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