Workhorse – Port Clyde, Maine


This boat looks like a real workhorse. Fishing can be dangerous and physically very difficult. When their boats are in the harbor they are beautiful. Not beautiful in a sparkly kind of way, more like natural beauty…

Posting a week of photos, after all this rain, flooding etc. that Charleston experienced I am behind. Very behind. Back to normal posting next week!

Catch you back here tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “Workhorse – Port Clyde, Maine

  1. Heather Locke

    I love the expression “work horse.” It’s an old timey expression. I taught English for 30 years, and I’d always describe the verb as the work horse of the sentence.

    I got the photo where it belongs though it might be cropped too much, slightly. Most likely my cropping.

    It takes trial and error. Don’t ask me how I did it.

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  2. Muffy

    Hi Barbara Hope you and yours are okay after the rain and flooding. Sounds like you had a lovely time last month on Monhegan and were very pleasantly surprised by Frank’s still life! You have good taste as quite a few artists and others told me that painting was their favorite….it hung on that wall all summer long with that taunting red (SOLD) dot! Frank just finished a real beauty- a lobster boat in the harbor with the village all aglow in the background at the end of the day…..let me know if you’d like me to snap a decent photo of it! Take care Muffy



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