View from the lighthouse on Monhegan Island…


This is a view from the lighthouse on Monhegan, Maine.. A foggy day that was just spectacular. This proves you don’t always need the sun shining. Absolutely beautiful!

This is one of those times I didn’t have my camera, so this is with my phone, it did pretty well considering the distance. You get an idea of the magnitude of this island. The other island you see is Manana Island.

Posting a week of photos, after all this rain, flooding etc. that Charleston experienced I am behind. Very behind. Back to normal posting next week!

Catch you back here tomorrow



4 thoughts on “View from the lighthouse on Monhegan Island…

  1. Hi Barbara, Hope you guys are okay down in Charleston after all that crazy weather. I like that photo of Monhegan from the lighthouse….two weeks ago we were flying back from Scotland on a sunny morning….the plane passed close to Monhegan and we could see the island and Manana clearly from above. Could even see little dots of lobster boats in the harbor.

    Keep posting your blog….it is always enjoyable to see what you’ll have up next.

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    1. Thanks Kirk! We are doing well where we live… others have not fared well (Columbia area especially)! I bet you two had a great time in Scotland! Wow, to pass by Monhegan?!?!?! What a treat! Thanks so much for the kind words! 🙂


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