Featured Artist: David Arms!

David Arms Gallery

David Arms. An extraordinary artist with beautiful paintings. Meaningful and exquisite. A delight to browse through. Gorgeous paintings, a lovely studio and then… there is the gallery. Wow. Wow. Wow. I think I could live in it! Everything is absolutely exquisite! Could it be any sweeter? When you look through David’s images on his website you’ll see a photo of it at night. Wow!

David Arms Still
Still by David Arms 11×7″

It’s no secret, I love David’s work. This painting, STILL is so perfect for autumn! His paintings are beautiful, many have wonderful messages – you have to see to believe!

David has a wonderful studio click that link to see how beautiful!

Be sure to check out David’s Journal – he has one classy, well thought out website – FIVE STARS! Be sure to check it out!

Read a bit about David from his website (check website for more)!

David Arms was born in 1956 in east Tennessee along with two older brothers who still reside there. His father was a businessman and raised treasured bird dogs. His mother was a homemaker and still enjoys travel and her grandchildren. Growing up, he spent his summers and holidays with a beloved aunt who lived between nowhere and somewhere Tennessee. David had a fairly typical small town childhood – sand lot baseball, church potlucks and an occasional dabbling in art…the soul of the painter however was starting to stir. His mind’s eye was mixing the summer blues and autumn golds on an imaginary palette as he wandered back roads in the shadow of the Smoky Mountains.

After a rather ordinary high school experience, David headed west to Tennessee Tech in an old faded yellow Volkswagen Beetle. Leaving short of graduation, his path eventually landed him in Nashville – the place he has called home since. It was there he was introduced to the world of “special events”, where he soon became known throughout the country for his designs of high profile corporate and social events. His imagination, attention to detail and ability to seemingly create “something out of nothing” resulted in numerous awards for his work.

An ordained, random event then became an intersection in his life.

Having married and moved into their first home, he and his wife needed a large painting to fill a large frame for a large vacant wall. The artist (who had been there all along) suddenly emerged. Almost as if someone else was guiding his hands…a painting filled the canvas.

With a grand leap of faith, his hobby became his calling and his life’s work.

With his wife and two daughters close by, David spends his days in a sun drenched studio filled with Classical and Americana music, french press coffee, books and patchouli. But some days he prefers to paint in the quiet, inspired by the sparrows, wrens and chickadees living at his window. It is here that he creates images that transport you from what you see into that sometimes faraway place of what you feel and what you believe – and his wish is that the viewer look long enough to walk away with a renewed sense of hope.

Let your eyes search his paintings and may you be blessed as you find a place to rest, hope for your heart, light for the darkness…and continue on…as we stumble on…this journey together down Redemption Road.

Wow! What a great story! Catch you back here tomorrow!


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