Featured Artist: Matt Story – Show at Robert Lange Studios!

Blue Roll Reach by Matt Story 48x48" Oil

Blue Roll Reach by Matt Story  48×48″  Oil  |  Robert Lange Studios

Robert Lange Studios is a gallery in Charleston, SC that is not to be missed. They are cutting edge and display the most amazing, jaw-dropping artists. Matt Story is no exception. They are featuring a show that runs through February 26, 2016 for him, and it’s going to be fabulous! Matt is one talented guy. His paintings are stunning. His perspective is wonderful. Colors are dramatic and make you not want to look away. How??? Wow!

This painting Blue Roll Reach hit me. Those colors! The bubbles, reflections, and movement is amazing. I cannot imagine the amount of  difficulty involved just drawing a figure in that position!

Pink Top Swim To by Matt Story 36x36" Oil/Robert Lange Studios

Pink Top Swim To by Matt Story  36×36″  Oil  | Robert Lange Studios

These reflections are mind boggling! Read Matt’s blog to see the process of photographing, etc. Fascinating! I love reading about Matt, he loves painting, that much is for sure, it’s in his blood – and it shows!

If you’re in the Charleston, SC area, be sure to stop in to check out this show!

Info from Robert Lange Studios:

Robert Lange Studios upcoming exhibit, Water, features the work of the contemporary painter Matt Story. Water, as its title suggests, is an entertaining collection of underwater figurative paintings. The work will hang until February 26 and can be seen daily from 11-5pm.  
Story, currently located in New York, has become recognized for his large scale underwater paintings and his work is enthusiastically collected throughout the United States and Europe.  In the mid-2013 Story began visiting the Charleston area and now in 2016 Robert Lange Studios is excited to have his work return to the city.

Story says, “I try to paint contemporary life as to capture crystals of pristine memory that we all share but never describe to one another.  Each composition uses the gesture of figure or setting to evoke a platonic form, an archetypal notion, a distilled essence, that thing that lasts beyond the moment.”

Story’s realist, bordering on hyper-realist, style gives his figurative works a strong vibrancy but it is not the technique, as much as the subject matter, that sets Story apart. Each painting depicts casually beautiful women submerged beneath the surface.  It is evident that the steps needed to capturing these images are a large part of the artists process.

Read a bit about Matt from Robert Lange Studios website:

Matt Story studied art from an early age and demonstrated a unique skill for rendering verisimilitude, or hyper-realism.  “I was lauded for ‘photo-realistic’ technique, but I was never after that, really, after what a camera impartially sees, because there’s so much more there, captured only by the human filter of memory.  We all posses these invisible imprints, through experience and living, but often its only artists who can play it back for us, to remind us.  The paint surface needs to be a mirror for the viewer, reflecting back not his or her superficial self, but a deep shared humanness.  This is the essence of looking at a piece that’s totally unfamiliar to you and yet, being awed with a sense of recognition.   Your reactions, those memories and feelings are uniquely yours but you’re suddenly filled with a sense that, you share them, at least with the artist, but probably even with everyone else.  That of course is art at its best: the artist, sometimes doesn’t even know what he’s doing because he’s a conduit of his or her own collective awareness.”

Story worked as a technical illustrator and graphic artist from his early teens, and studied art in the United States and Western Europe.  After graduating from U.C.L.A. he worked extensively throughout North America in film and television production.  “The collaboration drove me crazy at some point.  Of course, the isolation in the studio can be challenging too, but it suits me far better.  In fact, I’m filled with a melancholy at the end of the day and I can hardly wait to rise early and launch into the studio (to the chagrin of my family).”
Story has worked for over twenty years from his studio in Los Angeles but in mid-2013 began traveling with his wife, first with a long hiatus on the Isle of Palms near Charleston, South Carolina, and recently a long stint near Santa Fe, New Mexico where he paints today, often twelve or more hours a day and seven days a week. His method of oil painting on canvas and panel closely resembles the classical method, used for centuries by masters such as Titian and Caravaggio, two of Story’s heroes, fastidiously building up thin glazes, painting “fat over lean” with traditional materials. His work is included in private and corporate collections in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Please visit www.robertlangestudios.com or call for more information 843.805.8052.

All images via RobertLangeStudios.com, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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