Featured Artist: Lea Colie Wight!

Third Floor Light by Lea Wight

Third Floor Light by Lea Colie Wight  22×22″  Oil
Available at New Masters Gallery in Carmel, CA

I absolutely love Lea’s paintings! I was thrilled when I ran across her work! Lea is very versatile in the subjects she paints. Her interiors are full of life, you can find yourself imagining being in the space that she paints. Her portrait skills are over the top, not only capturing what the person looks like, but their entire “vibe”.

I love the painted floor in “Third Floor Light”. Also the brightness as if sun is streaming in, making those painted wood floors shine. The subtle shadows and light. Love this!

Lauren by Lea Wight

Lauren by Lea Wight  48×28″  Oil | Available at Haynes Galleries – Tennessee

Talk about fabulous. Lea can paint people in the most spectacular way. It’s no surprise she has won Honor Awards (see more below)… You’ve got to check out her website… and her self portraits – WOW!

In the painting above, Lauren looks as if she could get up from her chair and walk right out of the painting WITHOUT it looking too realistic. Perfection!

Lea has a few BOOKS available, I bet they are fabulous!

Read a bit about Lea, from her website:

Lea Colie Wight was born in Philadelphia, Pa in 1951.  She earned a BFA from The Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 1974.  In 2003 Lea discovered Studio Incamminati, an intensive Atelier founded in Philadelphia by renowned artist Nelson Shanks and entered as a student.  After completing her studies Lea was invited to join the teaching staff rising to become one of the lead teachers at that school.  Lea periodically served as teaching assistant to Nelson Shanks at The Art Students League in New York and has served as lead instructor for various Studio Incamminati workshops as well as her own workshops.  She has been awarded an Honor Award at the Portrait Society of America’s national competition in 2009 and in 2010 as well as a Certificate of Excellence in 2011. Her work has been featured in numerous publications. 

Lea maintains a studio in Manasquan, New Jersey as well as in Philadelphia.

All images via LeaWight.com, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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