Featured Artist: Cody Delong!

Pewter Purple n' Orange by Cody Delong

Pewter, Purple n’ Orange by Cody Delong  16×20″  Oil

Cody Delong. Some mesmerizing paintings. Lovely work! He paints such a wide variety of landscapes – each one is just beautiful. His colors, and the underpainting peeking through in the still life above is just glorius. Also love the orange reflection in the pitcher!

Read more about Cody’s Classes and Workshops, Also check out his River Trip in 2017 – what a painting adventure that would be – WOW… the scenery is breathtaking!

Land of Few Fences by Cody Delong

Land of Few Fences by Cody Delong  24×36″  Oil

I have never actually seen the dessert, or this type of landscape. So seeing it in paintings is so interesting to me. I love the color of the earth, the mountains and that stunning sky. It’s fabulous how the sun hits, so beautifully…

Read a bit about Cody, from his website:

Each painting I do begins with an idea, something that’s inspired me.  I try to distill this into my own underlying abstract design and interpretation of nature.  The balance I’m searching for lies in creating a work that is technically proficient as well as ‘painterly’, with great color and sense of light and drama.

A life long student of art, Cody has studied at the Loveland Academy of Fine Arts, as well as the Scottsdale Artists School, where, in 2003, he was awarded a Merit-based Scholarship.  In 2004, the Oil Painters of America selected him as that year’s Shirl Smithson Scholarship winner.  In 2009 Cody was awarded a Teacher’s Scholarship by the Marilyn Sunderman Legacy Fund for his innovative workshop techniques.

In 2006, one of Cody’s paintings was selected for inclusion in a ‘coffee-table’ style book, titled Plein Air New Mexico, The Jack Richeson Series – Volume One.  Three other paintings were included in The Richeson 75 International – Landscape and Exteriors 2007. Read more HERE

All images via CodyDelong.com, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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