Featured Artist: Pam Padgett!

Sevier Plantation House by Pam Padgett 9x12

Sevier Plantation House by Pam Padgett 9×12 Oil

Pam Padgett. Wonderful artist. She catches the light and the atmosphere of a location without a lot of unnecessary strokes. Pam clearly knows what she’s doing – there is a lot of skill in her paintings. I love the pops of white from the canvas. The color on the front of this house is FABULOUS, it shows that sun is hitting, and the porches on the side  are in the shade.

Meandering Creek by Pam Padgett 16x20

Meandering Creek by Pam Padgett 16×20 Oil

Another fabulous plein air piece. Great depth, you can feel the landscape. The bright light of the grass beside the foreground in the shade is perfection… and that little bit of red near her signature. LOVE IT!

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Read a bit about Pam Padgett, from her website:

Biography: Originally from West Virginia, Pam eventually located to Tennessee working in advertising as an art director. She turned to the fine arts field and studied with numerous nationally known painters. She resides in Williamson County, a strong artistic community of both painters and songsmiths. Pam is married to John Padgett and they have two grown children.

Philosophy: Simple… like me. “Every painting is a new start and Every day is a new day to paint.” I love getting up each day and discovering what’s going to evolve on my white canvas. A rough day in the studio can be exhausting and discouraging. However, an inspired day of painting… that feeling that I survived the battle in my studio is simply amazing and exhilarating. Painting is hard! It is not a past time for the faint of heart.

Searching for inspiration is a big part of my artistic process. Nature, my fellow artist friends, museums and sometimes the music in my studio helps guide my way. I really love dancing around all subject matters. It is not my nature to paint a specific genre and stay there. But, I love the challenge and excitement of new discoveries. And every painting is a new start and every day is a new day to paint. The learning never ends! (Continue reading HERE)…

All images via PamPadgett.com , used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Featured Artist: Pam Padgett!

  1. Sherry

    Hi Pam love your work !!!!!!wish you lived closer would like my granddaughter to have lessons with you !!!!!!she is still determined to be an artist!! 😁😁😁😁


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