A healthier version of a cheese toast – so wonderful!

Grilled Cheese & Arugula with Balsamic

I could eat this Every. Single. Day. I always keep baby arugula in the fridge, I love it in omelets, on sandwiches, pizza and all by itself!

This looks very decadent, but these pieces of bread are small (wonderful bread from a local bakery. Very rustic, bread with substance).

Cheese Toast

I lightly toast the bread first, then add some grated sharp cheddar, put it on a baking pan and put it under the broiler for just a minute or two (HAVE TO WATCH IT – Don’t walk away!) Once the cheese starts to bubble, pull it out, cut it in half and put a heaping bunch of arugula dressed in olive oil & balsamic (you can even add to the dressing a tiny bit of honey, but not much). Then eat the rest of the arugula on the side.


Catch you back here tomorrow!


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