Happy Day!


Do you know how to keep cut lily’s fresh for a longer period of time? It’s easy!

I will often buy these at the grocery store just because they smell amazing – they’re beautiful to look at too! I usually buy them closed (and not open as you see here), it doesn’t take them long to open (especially here in Charleston)! Once you get them home, be sure to give them a fresh cut, at an angle, under running, cool water. Then snip the pollen off of the stamens. The central pistil (dark “thing” in the center, is surrounded by pistils that have a rust colored pollen attached. Simply snip the pollen off, leaving the rest of the stamen. (As shown). Now the pollen won’t land on the petals (or furniture!), which means the bloom will be beautiful!

Cut lily’s do best OUT OF THE SUN, they like it nice and cool!

A fresh flower = a Happy Day! Catch you back here tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Happy Day!

  1. Penny Marshall

    Just forwarded your wonderful tip to our garden club newsletter editor . Last year, when I returned from FL, I added a bunch of lilies, just like yours. To my grocery list each week and absolutely reveled in the fragrance. It enhanced my life, a small but joyful addition to every day. Then I discovered that Colleen, whom I adore and cannot live without, who comes in twice a week for 2 hours xoxo p to help,clean or whatever, either is allergic to or hates the smell. Knowing that, I have not bought them since learning it and it is a real and almost spiritual deprivation. I LONG for them but cannot conceive of a spot where I can enjoy them and Colleen won’t suffer.

    Maybe alternate weeks? Would that be fair?

    I have deliberately left my sign off where it landed. I saw I left out the important 2 hour bit and then forgetting where I was in the text, signed off. If I had a copper penny for every time I do that, I would be a wealthy widow, not me.

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