Featured Artist: Chad Matthew Smith!

Winter Pavilion 4 by Chad Smith 24x20 Oil

Winter Pavilion 4 by Chad Smith 24×20″ Oil


Chad Smith. Wow. Fabulous paintings with magnificent light. His paintings go beyond the average good painting. They have substance and there is something about them that makes you stop and look… they keep you looking. As I write this it is sunny, hot and humid here in Charleston. So I am finding this snowscape especially appealing! How I would love to have a polar fleece on breathing cool air right now!

Look at the wonderful colors in the trunk of the tree, in the snow, the shed and the trees beyond. Chad’s paintings aren’t flat they come alive.

City of Utica by Chad Smith 20x16 Oil

City of Utica by Chad Smith 20×16″ Oil

What stood out to me in this painting is the crispness – without being “tight” Chad creates a painting where the darks make the lights sing. For as loose as this painting is, look at that stop light. Perfection! The streetlight… stunning! Who would think such a scene could make such a dynamic painting. Be sure to check out Chad’s website – all of his paintings are jaw droppers!

Read a bit about Chad, from his website:

As an “on the spot” painter, I find great satisfaction in capturing the immediacy of the moment. I liken this to Jazz improvisation. The more practiced and skilled one is the more clarity and meaning one brings to the “performance”.

My process is simple, search a location set up my easel and paint. Working outdoors allows any number of variables from weather to interested onlookers. Sometimes it is a wonder I get any work done, which makes the successes that much sweeter.

I paint subjects that resonate both personally and visually. It is when the viewer gets a similar visceral response to the work I know I have touched on something important. More than anything else my work is autobiographical in nature and each piece is a summation of my experience as a human being and artist to that point. Read more about Chad HERE.

All images via ChadSmithPaintings.com, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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