Featured Artist: Barb Walker!

Cozy Up by Barb Walker 12x12 Oil

Cozy Up by Barb Walker 12×12 Oil

Barb Walker. I love her style. She doesn’t overdue her strokes. Her paintings are wonderful without being overdone. Those of you who paint realize how difficult that is to accomplish. I love interior paintings and this is a wonderful one. I love the character that this wingback holds. Wonderful!

Sconset Lane by Barb Walker 12x12 Oil

Sconset Lane by Barb Walker 12×12 Oil

Sconset Lane. This is a famous Nantucket view that has been painted by many artists, I love this version. The road is wonderful, the houses, flowers, you really get a sense of it! Be sure to check out Barb’s website and check out her Daily Paintworks Gallery of Art – lots of red dots, I can see why!

Read a bit about Barb Walker, from her website (my favorite bios are personal and Barb’s is exactly that, you read it and get a sense of who the artist is – we share the love for a place called Maine, ahhh!):

“About me? Just have always loved nature, being outdoors, colors, life. Sketched for as long as I can remember. Have met so many good people who are great painters that I’m not sure which I enjoy more – the painting or those I have met. 

We live in Ohio, and travel to Maine almost every year. The galleries are amazing – the coast is breathtaking!”

All images via BarbWalkerPaintings.com, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Featured Artist: Barb Walker!

  1. Barbara,

    Wow! Thank you for featuring my paintings. I went many years without painting and picked it up in 2011, so this is a special honor for me.

    Thanks, again!

    Happy Monday to you,



    Sent from my iPhone



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