Featured Artist: Amy Mahnick!


#4 (Aggregates) by Amy Mahnick  15×11″  Oil

Amy Mahnick. Wonderful paintings, cleverly done, abstract, some more than others. Fabulous color palette. Her paintings draw interest. I love this one – I love how everyone sees something a little different in abstract paintings. She has a great website, be sure to check her out!


Miss 4th (#2) by Amy Mahnick 10×8″ Oil

She also paints these cool models, they have so much character – the colors are so fun and she nailed the shadows and light. Wow!

Read a bit about Amy, from Black Pond Studio website (check website for workshop info):

“Amy Mahnick has been creating the subjects for her still life paintings for 18 years.  The plastic and packaging material she uses reflects her love of clean, colorful, modernist forms, and her paintings, a love for the process of working from observation.  

She was born in Detroit and received a BFA, in sculpture, from Michigan State University, and an MFA, in painting, from the New York Academy of Art. 

Her work has been exhibited in the United States and South Korea, most notably with Flowers Gallery, Nancy Margolis Gallery, Trestle Gallery, and 1285 Avenue of the Americas in New York; Richard Heller Gallery in Los Angeles; Girls’ Club, Ft. Lauderdale; and the Hangaram Art Museum in Seoul.

She has taught painting and drawing as an adjunct instructor at Adelphi University on Long Island for the past 5 years.  Prior to that, her work as a commercial painter included projects as far ranging as the recreation of Pierre Bourdelle’s Depression-era murals in Dallas’s Fair Park, to Jeff Koons’s Easyfun-Ethereal series. “

All images via AmyMahnick.net, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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