Featured Artist: Suzanne Jacquot!

Journey Together by Suzanne Jacquot 36x36 acrylic

Journey Together by Suzanne Jacquot  36×36″  Acrylic

Suzanne Jacquot – a wonderful abstract artist from California. Her paintings are so interesting to me. The color combinations  and the different techniques she uses to create a painting really makes it a WOW.

The gray with all the other bright colors going on around it is so happy to me! Full of interest for sure!

Impermanence by suzanne Jacquot 36x36 acrylic

Impermanence by Suzanne Jacquot  36×36″ Acrylic

Let me say that it was not easy to pick just two paintings. There are so many wonderful options. Love this one as well.

Are you interested in taking an abstract workshop? I think it would be the best time ever! It’s on my bucket list… big time! Check out workshops by Suzanne!

Read a bit about Suzanne, from her website:

“I have been a creative since I was three years old when I dug into the earth and found magical creatures living where I would never had imagined.  It ignited my curiosity and awe which opened me up to “anything is possible”. A few years later in first grade I was given a set of 48 crayolas.  I was told I could use these to make a picture.  I was so bowled over with the perfect beauty of all the colors I thought how can I make something more beautiful than they are.  I managed to trace a big maple leaf I found and carefully filled it will a rainbow of colors and treasured this image for years.” Continue reading HERE

Everyone is different, believe me, I learned that from working in galleries. What one person loves, the next person does not. Art is so subjective. You either love it or you don’t. Which is a good thing! Just  think how boring the world would be if we all loved the same thing… Snore…. 😴

All images via SuzanneJacquotArt.com, used with permission…

Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

Impermanence Photo: © Colin Talcroft, 2015

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