Featured Artist: Robert Strickland!

Dahlia Arrangement by Robert Strickland 24″X18″ Oil

Robert Strickland is an artist from Toronto, Canada – and whoa, can he ever paint! I think the Dahlia Arrangement painting is perfection. The backdrop and surface leave your imagination to fill in, yet the jars and flowers are out of this world realistic. The varying beautiful colors are a joy!

If you’re in the Toronto, Canada area and looking for a workshop, check out Robert’s website for more info, while you’re there just look at the beautiful paintings!

Read a bit about Robert, from his website:

Robert Strickland is a professional artist from Toronto, Canada. Robert was first inspired by nature and his surroundings. He recalls having a deep connection and appreciation for nature from a young age. It wasn’t until he was in his twenties that he was exposed to art however. He took a fundamental art program at Sheridan College to learn some basics and meet other artists. At this point he was more interested in illustration. After the program ended, he learnt in a more autodidactic way. He went to life drawing consistently and at one point just jumped into oil painting. With an intense dedication and a rational way of solving problems, he learn’t quickly. After making great progress he was awarded the Chalmers Professional Development Grant. This allowed him to study abroad from contemporary masters in representational art. After he felt the need to go back to his roots in Canadian culture to form as a mature artist. Painting “en plein air” connected him with nature once again, his voice in art became louder and more distinct. Through Roberts art we can see an appreciation of nature and an intimate way of looking at it. Robert believes the appreciation of art teaches values and connects us with a universal language. Continue reading, here

All images via RobertStricklandArt.com, used with permission…
Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

Catch you back here tomorrow!

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