Featured Artist: William McLure!

Ab6 by William McLure 48x48

Ab6 by William McLure  48×48″

William McLure. Designer, artist, and creative genius with #hashtags on Instagram! His work is (mostly) large abstracts that make a bold statement. William’s Instagram is stunning with images of his loft space, designed so beautifully! You will quickly notice his sense of humor, especially with his hashtags! #️⃣ #williamisthekingofhashtags #goseeforyourself – You will also notice the newest addition to his life… Rankin Bayne McLure, also known as “Ran”, a beautiful Weimaraner puppy that is quickly teaching William the ways of the world…

I love how everyone sees/feels something different in regard to abstract paintings. William’s abstracts are quite wonderful and fit so well into his designs, which I also adore!

abstract by william mclure 60x60 atl symphony showhouse

Abstract by William McLure  60″ x 60″ Black and white commissioned for Atlanta Symphony Showhouse.

I love the look and feel of this room, and this abstract, while simple, makes a grand statement that just pulls the room together!

Check out more of William’s paintings – Wow!

Check out William’s work via these links:

[  W E B S I T E  |  I N S T A G R A M  ]

Read a bit about William, from his website:

William Rankin McLure IV was born an artist.  William was creative since he was a very young child thru his God-given talent of art and design.  Born in Louisiana, he and his family soon moved back to Alabama to be close to a large and loving family and to live on a family farm.  William’s kindergarten teacher recognized his talent and wrote his mother a note when William was 4 years old for her to recognize, support, encourage and nurture William in his creativity and said that one day he would be a famous artist.  His talents have grown from there, to him now being a self-employed artist and interior designer.  William graduated from The Southern Institute of Design, where he was active in the American Society of Interior Designers as a student.   His artwork can evolve from realism, to drawings, to sketches, to abstract at any given moment, and many times being created in literal hours during long evenings at home.  His design work and art were highlighted in the 2013 Cathedral Antique’s Show House in Atlanta. His latest exhibit was a literal one-day sell out, and his work has been featured on many design and art blogs, including Lonny Magazine, La Dolce Vita, Southern Living, Mark D. Sikes, and Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Magazine.  Continue reading HERE

Catch you back here tomorrow!

All images via WilliamMcLure.com, used with permission…
Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.


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