Featured Artist: Greg Barnes!

Pawley’s Creek Sunset by Greg Barnes  10×10″  Soft Pastel

What a fabulous painting – and such a cool photo! I think it’s great when you can see where an artist paints – I love how artists all interpret scenes differently, its so interesting!

Greg has a wonderful style that has some abstractness to it which makes each painting so interesting! That sky! The wonderful colors reflected into the water and then to top it off that wonderful marsh grass. This painting will not be around long!

Check out links to Greg’s work on the following links:


Read a bit about Greg, from his website:

Greg Barnes got his formal training at Wake Forest University receiving a BFA in 1985. Under the instruction of many fine teachers he learned painting, printmaking, sculpture, and figure drawing.

Following college, Greg entered a career path that included technical illustration, computer graphics, computer-based training, and multimedia programming. Throughout those years, Greg always kept his brushes and charcoal close at hand.

After 911, he and his wife Janet decided to take a leap of faith, pursuing a fine art career full time. Greg quickly found portrait work, which eventually led him to pastels. A few week-long plein air workshops set him in on his current course.

Landscapes are Greg’s love. He enjoys painting on location, and as a result of working quickly, leans towards impressionism. A mix of realistic and impressionistic elements give his pieces a life of their own, while a free and creative use of color punctuates his style.

Greg currently splits his time between painting in his studio/gallery in Charlotte, NC, selling at national art shows around the country, and teaching.

All images via BarnesStudios.com, used with permission…
Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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