Featured Artist: Paul Heaston!

Master Bath Sketch by Paul Heaton – Sepia

Warning… Once you start looking at Paul Heaton’s sketches you won’t be able to stop! Each one is so full of fabulousness (is that a word? Apparently so!) – This guy can sketch like you wouldn’t believe. He does it often (which is very obvious). He’s got a great sense of humor (read his bio below!). He offers online classes via Cratsy (link below). Everyone wants to know how to draw, they say if you draw ten minutes a day, every day you will see a noticeable improvement and it doesn’t take years and years. It’s kind of like writing, none of us were born knowing how to write, but you learn and then TA-DA! You can do it! Wouldn’t it be so cool to learn how to draw – learn perspective and any tips/tricks that would make it a little easier? That’s where I think classes would be a big help – that along with daily practice you will be amazing! So what’s holding you back? Paper, pencils, eraser… easy to take with you wherever you go – and perhaps a Craftsy class?

See more of Paul’s work via these links:

Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Blog  |   Online Classes via Cratsy

Read a bit about Paul, from his blog:

I really like to draw. I paint, too, though I’m not as fond of it (or as good at it). I also teach art, sell art supplies, pretend to blog, and other stuff.

I’ve been a correspondent for Urban Sketchers since (almost) the beginning, first from Bozeman, Montana, then from San Antonio, Texas (my hometown) and now from Denver, Colorado.
I received an MFA in painting from Montana State University in 2008 because I’d been there long enough and they acquiesced to my demand of a degree in exchange for my paying tuition and learning and stuff.
I am happily married in Denver to the extraordinary and rather intimidating Linda Permann. We have a dog, Freddie, who is not intimidating, but he does smell funny.
I also have a daughter, Juniper, who is already starting to threaten my status as the best artist in the family.
I have contributed artwork to these books:
The Art of Urban Sketching by Gabi Campanario
Capitol Knits by Tanis Gray

Catch you back here tomorrow!

All images via Paul Heaston’s FB, Instagram and Blog (links above), used with permission…
Images are not for reproduction, they are property of the artist.

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