Do You Loospy Doodle?

Doodle by Barbara Stroud

Do you doodle? If your answer is no… you should. Let me tell you why – you know how you hear that it’s good to mediate or put your focus somewhere other than thinking (worrying) and thinking (worrying) – when you doodle your focus is on what you’re doing – Many times I will doodle and not lift my pen/pencil/marker/finger (if iPad) until my doodle is complete. That takes a little concentration – it’s not so much about being artsy as it is just going with the flow.

The doodle above looks like one I probably did while talking on the phone – those can turn out pretty cool, when you’re talking and not really paying attention to what you’re doodling. I remember my dad doodling and they were always so cool!

It’s fun, requires only paper and pen/marker or iPad and an app. You can turn them into cool cards, especially when you color in one small element – love it!

Give it a whirl!


Catch you back here tomorrow!

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