Just me… being me…

It’s funny, I receive emails from people saying they would like to know more about me. It makes me laugh, I’m not sure why… but here is an attempt at a “more about me” post…

I remember when this photo was taken – I was sitting by the river at my parent’s house in Michigan. This was in 2009… I have my favorite “Kiawah” sweatshirt on – one that I love (by Gear). Bought when we took a one day staycation after we had defunct plans to go to San Fran and see Mamma Mia.  We headed to Kiawah Island for the day, and as you all know, part of a vacation is a souvenir, which is this sweatshirt 🙂

I am happiest just being me, not a lot of makeup, hair usually a bit windblown (not sure how it always looks like that no matter what I do) – when I go to MI to visit, I love sitting by the river. A fabulous river that we grew up on and spent every waking moment in (when the temps were warm enough). It was such a big part of our childhood – I just can’t imagine anything else!

Next “me” post I’ll try to come up with something a little more interesting, ha ha…

Catch you back here tomorrow!

11 thoughts on “Just me… being me…

  1. Sue Coleman

    All I know is that Barb is as sweet as Grandma’s butterscotch pie. She’s my little cousin who I have know since she was a wee baby. Hugs & Kisses.

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