Orange-Sauced Chicken Recipe from Cooking Light!

My adaptation of Cooking Light’s Orange-Sauced Chicken

I love running across a tasty recipe, especially one that is quick to make and healthy as well. This one appealed to me because it’s something different to do with chicken. A different taste – chicken can get tedious if you let it. Don’t!

Normally I prefer to post an image of the finished product and then the recipe, but Facebook usually chooses image #2 to post, so… that would explain the backwards way I post recipes…

Orange Sauced Chicken | A Cooking Light Recipe

Orange-Sauced Chicken a recipe from Cooking Light Magazine (also found on the website) – My version is basically the same recipe (although not written quite as nicely as their original, so click the Orange-Sauced Chicken link above to print from their website) – What I changed:
-Omitted the dry rosemary – it was fantastic

-I didn’t have Italian-seasoned bread crumbs so I used plain.

-I used organic canola oil to sauté the chicken, because my pan, which so far I LOVE,  is a new kind of non-stick, without the chemicals like Teflon. I cannot use cooking spray or extra virgin olive oil, otherwise it can cause a build up therefore becoming less and less non-stick. I don’t want that either. Canola oil (I prefer organic) – I didn’t put a measurement, it doesn’t take much, but since the chicken has bread crumbs a bit more is needed (at least in my pan).

-I didn’t have any parsley, put it would have added a nice touch to the presentation!

The Orange-Sauced Chicken Recipe from Cooking Light is diving (click on the recipe link to be taken straight to that recipe for quick printing).

I hope you enjoy it as much as we did! Catch you back here tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Orange-Sauced Chicken Recipe from Cooking Light!

  1. Dori mastin

    Hi Barbara and Fred! Saw your post this morning and decided to make recipe with chicken tenders and double the sauce… So glad I did it was absolutely delicious. I served it over Brown basmati rice with a side of French style green beans 😲 I took a picture of the plate but cannot figure out how to attach it for you to see. Thanks for the wonderful idea, Dori Mastin


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