Shingle #101 House Plan by Lake + Land Design Studio!

This is the Shingle #101 house plan by Lake + Land Design Studio – isn’t it charming? This plan is 2,263 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. Inspired by a plan on the hit HGTV show “Home Town” – This house has so much charm and character – not easy to find in new homes these days. With so many wonderful details, this could easily be considered a dream home!

The Shingle #101 plan is one of Lake + Land Design Studio’s “Home Town Inspired Plans“. This plan is similar to the house in the episode “History in the Making”  – (HOME TOWN/HGTV) – I remember that episode vividly. When you click the “History in the Making” link above – you’ll read about that episode, featuring the home similar to this plan – you can also click to check out the original episode with real images and a few videos from HGTV – I’m sure you’ll agree – this is one beautiful home!

The before and after images on the HGTV website are fabulous – you won’t believe the transformation! Bill Holloway (Lake + Land Design Studio) and his wife Jody now own this beautiful home! What a treasure to be part of restoring this home – it is stunning!

I love that Lake + Land took it a step further and created a house plan based on Bill’s home that was on the show Home Town. It’s not exactly the same, but it is inspired by his home, and a gorgeous home it is. This plan has a smart layout. One that offers plenty of space for entertaining (both inside and out)! The bedrooms are upstairs where it’s nice and private, and that outdoor kitchen behind the house – Wow!

(Click to enlarge) Looking from the left to the right (front to back of the house), you enter this lovely home via the front porch – and what a wonderful front porch it is! There is a nice entryway (with a wonderful bay window!), with a view into the living room. From the living room you walk into the dining room. The dining area opens onto the study which is so nice. Towards the back of the house is a nice size kitchen and breakfast room that opens onto a very nice back porch (with an outdoor kitchen!) that leads to the garage. Beautiful, isn’t it? The porches seal the deal for me!

Image by Lake + Land Design Studio

The bedrooms are located upstairs, including the master suite with access to the beautiful balcony on the front of the house! Two additional bedrooms and a shared bath make this just perfect!

Have you watched Home Town on HGTV yet? If not, don’t miss it! It’s a great show with Erin and Ben Napier, you will also see some of the Lake + Land Design Studio peeps appear from time to time! Lake + Land works with the show’s design team to restore and modernize the homes featured each week. It is one heck of a partnership! They compliment each other beautifully! Read more from Lake + Land Studio website HERE

Check out a few more of the Home Town inspired house plans HERE… What fun!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

All images via, used with permission…
Images are not for construction or reproduction, they are property of the design firm.

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