Charlie: iPad Quick Doodle – App is now obsolete, what do you use?

Quick iPad Sketch | barbara stroud

I had a wonderful app that I used to do quick sketches, doodles, etc. and I LOVED IT. After having it for a few years it quit working because the app owners did not update it (ugh). I haven’t found another that I like quite as much. What do you use? I do like color, but B&W is good too.

I did a quick sketch of Charlie on his sofa (I made him as big as he feels and not as big as he actually is) – this was years ago, before his torn ACL (CCL for a dog) – we have since gotten rid of the sofa (oh how I loved it!) because he would run from the sunroom to the sofa anytime anyone or anything or the possibility of anything (birds, squirrels, cats, dogs, leaves, etc.) – and then hop off the sofa and run back to the sunroom – back and forth. Once the CCL is torn, and repaired, it’s common for the other leg to do the same thing. Don’t want to go there, trust me! I do miss that sofa however, it was the best babysitter ever. He would curl up and try to sleep but see something out of the side or front window that would keep him from falling into that deep leg jerking sleep. Sometimes when he was really tired he would curl up on the cushion instead of the back of the sofa (which was his perch). His focus always intent. My little guard dog. He means business!

Thank you Charlie! Catch you back here tomorrow!



4 thoughts on “Charlie: iPad Quick Doodle – App is now obsolete, what do you use?

  1. Meg Bush

    I seem to remember Charlie had surgery. But if he hasn’t. We had a labradoodle with that issue. We live near serious horse farms. They told me to ask the vet for Adequan shots. Which we gave ourselves. It fixed it! The small animal vet was stunned. So tuck that away if you ever have to deal with this again. I love your blog. Hope you are safe. We are sitting her waiting for it to hit! Long day

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    1. Thank you Meg!! I am definitely tucking that info away!! Charlie did go through surgery, and it was miserable… such a long recovery. He’s good now, he has good days and some where he hobbles around, kind of like me 😉 haha… Thank you for sharing that info!! Be safe! Thinking about you!


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