Halloween returns 40 years later!

Halloween – the Movie – Out TODAY! 🎃🔪

Halloween… the movie. Enough said, right? Who remembers seeing that movie FORTY YEARS AGO? Well, the real followup to the original movie is out in theaters TODAY (omg!). The new movie is forty years after the first. Jamie Lee Curtis is amazing. She is known as the “Scream Queen” for a reason! We watched parts of the movie being filmed (far less scary when other things are going on), but the acting is INTENSE. Jamie gets into her role in the biggest way ever!

Full disclosure. I don’t watch horror movies. I did in high school, but those days are long gone. I have no desire other than to see Jamie Lee in action, and to see some of the people we met while they were filming in Charleston, SC. I would like to see neighborhoods that I am familiar with, however… if they could do it without Michael Myers appearing and scaring the *BLEEP* out of me, that would be best. I guess I’m looking for a G rated version, ha ha, and that’s not going to happen!

BUT for those of you who love these movies (and I know I am in the minority) – GO SEE IT! It’s going to be amazing! I have such respect for the movie industry. To see what lengths they go to, just to get the location exactly as they want. It’s really something to see!

Oh! And this house (image) isn’t in the movie, but I thought since it was getting dark outside and there was a lit up pumpkin on the porch, it kind of looked Halloweeny…

Catch you back here tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “Halloween returns 40 years later!

  1. Bobo

    Hi Barbara,
    I saw the trailer on TV yesterday but only saw a few seconds of the house. Looks good, but I have to say that I am not crazy about spooky movies. Love your photo of the pumpkin on your porch


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